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Flexitank Flexibag
  • FOB Price
    US $ 175.00 - 200.00 / Bag(s)
  • Min. Order
    1 Bag(s)
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    0 days after payment
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    20" Container
  • Place of Origin:
    Shandong, China (Main...
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    Production Capacity:8...
  • Certificate:
    FDA,EC, Kosher, Halal
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    Product Liability Ins...
  • Material:
    Food Grade PE And PP ...
  • Valve Position:
  • Accessories:
    Corrugated Paper+Meta...
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    Environment Friendly ...
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    Approved by Global ma...
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Product Description

Pls allow me to introduce BLT, QINGDAO BLT PACKING INDUS

QINGDAO BLT PACKING INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD leading manufacturers and exporters of flexitanks. Production capacity over 180,000 pcs annually and we would be happy to provide you OEM flexitanks with your company logo printed.

BLT owns several design patents on flexibag and bulkhead and they are tested success by tens of thousands loadings ex China. Products are food grade with FDA, EC, ISO22000, HACCP, Kosher and Halal certified.

We has successfully passed COA and AAR flexitank railroad impact test in United States and also the first Chinese flexitank brand who approved by Maersk Line in London.

A flexitank (or called flexibag ) is a soft, tough ,light, polyethylene(PE) and polypropylene(PP) Bladder with a volume of 10,000and 24,000 liters for the transportation of bulk non_hazardous liquid cargoes within a standard 20-foot ISO dry-box container.

Flexitank is the Best solution to store and transport all kind of Non-hazardous Liquid Goods such as: oil, beverage, liquid chemical by sea, railway and road truck. It can save up 40% transportation cost for you comparing with DRUM, BARREL, ISO TANK and IBC.

It is generally used one time. This makes flexitanks a cost-effective transportation solution for non-hazardous liquids,including certain chemicals,latex,wines,food oils and juices.

FLEXITANK should be installed in 20-foot container. Installation of a 24.000L FLEXITANK takes 10-20minutes. After installation you will just need to connect your connecting device to FLEXITANK. Using the pump you can start loading. Loading takes 20-40 minutes depending on type of a cargo and the pump. After loading is finished the container with FLEXITANK and your cargo is ready to travel. The flexitank can be transported by road, railway or sea.

Cost effective and considerably economical than ISO tank container, IBC and Drum

High payloads, Low weight and space.

No return, cleaning and demurrage cost.

Lower labor/time consuming for handling &loading.

Clean asepsis and no risk of contamination.

Environmental friendly.

No forklift required.

Can be rapidly positioned by airfreight if ungent needed.

-- Quality Management System ISO9001 2000, ISO 22000-2005 supervision,

-- Food grade materials FDA, EC standard,

-- World Wide Insurance Products Liability Insurance.

-- Exactly to Your Specification,

-- Wide Range of Capacity 10.000L-24.000 L.

Met All the COA(Container Owner Association) Recommended Test Criteria for Flexitank.



14,000Liters to 25,000Liters


A):4 layers food grade PE+1 strong woven PP (tube)
B):3 layers food grade PE+1 strong woven PP (tube)


A):Top loading/discharging
B):Bottom loading/discharging
C):Top loading/Bottom discharge


A):Traditional 3" butterfly valve
B):Revolutionary 3" ball valve
1) Ball valve is sealed more tightly and with better resistance to pressure. There is no block when valve is opened, which make liquid flow through freely and quickly.

2) In the joint position between internal valve and flexitank, a safety protection device is added.

This device could effectively prevent inner film blocking the valve, and make residual liquid the minimum after discharging.
C): valve with 2" or 2.5" quick connector for choice


Hard PP instead of steel to reduce the pressure against the flexitank surface thus reduce the risk of failures.

Safety Pin

Added on 3” valve to help to fixed valve during transportation.

Air vent

The special design of air vent could automatically release

air pressure when it is more than 0.0065Mpa inside of the

flexitank. It would keep the cargo and flexitank safe during

loading and transportation.


A:Steel Bars
Size: L:2400mm * W:50mm * H:50mm
Qty:5 pieces

B:Corrugated Cardboard Bulkhead
Material:1300g/m2 AAA heavy type corrugate cardboard
Size: W:2335mm * H:1730mm

C:Corrugate Paper Roll for Container
Material : 180g/m2 corrugated paper
Size : H:1410mm * L:30m
Thickness:3 to 3.5 mm

Qty:1 roll per set
D:Heating Pad
E:Other Necessary AccessoriesCaution marks, Adhesive tapes...etc

Packing Qty




Flexitank without accessories

110 pieces


Flexitank with accessories one valve



Flexitank with accessories with two valve or 25000 liters bag

56 set

135 set




Apply different flexitank materials to different liquid.
Flexitank-Food Grade
All the materials comply with standards of food hygiene.
Flexitank-Chemical Grade
Corrosion resisting materials and valve are took.
Flexitank-For Oil
Proper for oils transportation
Heat-Resisting Flexitank
Apply heat-resisting materials,proper for the storage

and transportation of high temperature liquid products.

If you have interest in our products or need any help, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Wendy wang


Skype: Skyworld8110