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Alkaline Protease (leather&detergent)
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Product Description

                                                       Alkaline Protease

                                               (leather & detergent enzyme)


 Alkaline protease is extracted from bacillus licheniformis’s submerged fermentation and is the solid preparation, be suitable for rinse, leather depilation,leather softening, degumming of silk and other industries. The quality of product carrys out the standard of QB1805.3-93.



1. Action method: efficiently hydrolyze protein of large molecule into free amino acid and etc. 

2.Operating condition: temperature 20°C~65°C; the optimal temperature 40°C~50°C;

PH range 8~12; the optimal PH range 9~11






                                Filemot powder


Above 200,000u/g

Moisture [water] content(%)


Degree of fineness

Above 80%-40mu

Survival rate(enzyme activity)

Not lower than 85% in half a year at 25°C



C. Definition of enzyme activity and reference dosage:

At 40°C,PH10.5, 1g powder enzyme preparation hydrolyzes casein into 1ug tyrosine in one minute as an enzyme activity unit, expressed as u/g.

Reference dosage: leather depilation 300 u/ml depilatory solution;

leather softening 12u/g leather weight


D. Packing, transportation and storage

1.The powder be packed in the polybag 25kg/bag and also can be packed according to customer’s requirement.

2. In the process of transportation and storage, it should avoid expose to sunlight, rain and moisture, be store in the dry ,cool and airy place.


E. Safety Usage:                                      

Avoid inhaling enzyme, if contact with eye or skin ,it should be instantly washed with water.