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graphite crucible,graphite mould,graphite heating element for furnace,molded graphite rod and block

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Vacuum furnace graphite joint
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    graphite parts
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Product Description

Product Description

graphite part are made from high quality graphite material, used for many area , such as chemical metallurgy, automotive, semiconductor and electronic industry and so on.

All the parts is manufactured into high purity graphite or fine structure graphite, good quality and best service welcome everyone to purchase from Baofeng Jinshi New Materials Co.,Ltd..

The usage of graphite

With the above excellent property ,the graphite is widely used in metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textile, defense and other industries. Below is the classification.

Product Name



Crucible, boat, dish, etc.


Melting, refining and analysis

Dies, molds, ingot chassis, etc

EDM graphite electrodes, semiconductor manufacturing, iron, steel and nonferrous metal making, continuous casting, metallurgy pressing machine

Graphite roller, etc

Heat treatment of steel plate in furnace

Conduit, Skateboard, etc

Aluminum molding

Graphite Pipe

Guard pipe for measuring temperature,blowpipe, etc

Graphite Block

Masonry furnace and other heat resistance material

Chemical Equipment


Heat exchanger, reaction tower, distillation columns, absorption equipment, centrifugal pumps, etc

Electrolytic Plate

Salt solution and baking molten salt electrolyte

Electrolytic Mercury

NaCl electrolyte

Grounded Anode

Electrical anticorrosion

Motor Brush


Commutator, slipping ring

Current Collector

Skate, slide, trolley


Switches, relays

Mercury ferry and electronic pipe


Anode, grid pole, repeller pole, ignition pole of the Mercury rectifier and anode, grid electrode

Graphite Bearing


high temperature resistance sliding bearing,

Sealing Element

Sealing ring, stuffing box seal ,packing seal

Product Element

Braking in plane and vehicle

Nuclear Graphite

Nuclear Power

Deceleration materials, reflective materials, shielding materials, nuclear fuel, support devices, etc

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