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Solar biogas product
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  Solar biogas (three official state patents)


1, Low cost and long service life: the production cost for each fermentation tank shall be within 300-500; it has anti-corrosion and anti-aging features, and service life may be over 20 years;

2, High strength, light weight and simple installation: it can be stacked, it can be handled for convenience, it will be installed above and below ground, without geographical restrictions;

3, Good sealing performance: no water leakage, no air leakage, good tightness, the strict anaerobic conditions can be guaranteed, maintenance and repair are also very convenient;

4, Good mechanical performance: it has a certain degree of flexibility and stretch resistance, anti-seismic and anti-pressure features, and will not be squeezed by frozen soil, which can meet the coldness in northern regions;

5, Automatic sulfur removal purification: Automatic removal of sulfur dioxide, water vapor and carbon dioxide can improve the purity of methane to the biggest limit, so than calorific value will be increased;

6, Advanced technology formula: Using original straw acidification treatment agent, fermentation elemental balance agent, fermentation catalyst acceleration agent will increase the speed for gas production, and a large amount of crop stalks and others may be used to produce gas;

7, Efficient use of solar energy: Special poly thermal coagulation materials shall be used, the tank body may automatically absorb heat and keep insulation; external solar devices and heat waves superconducting heat-absorbing and insulation technology may ensure the normal production and use of gas only if there is light in winter;

8, Dry and wet dual-use fermentation: Users have many options, scope of application is broader; wet fermentation will be used in summer; straw dry fermentation may be added in winter;
9, Crust removal and precipitation protection: It break the traditional static fermentation or manual stirring mode to achieve automatic recycling of materials liquid, which will completely solve the crust and sedimentation problems of materials liquid in the pool;
10, It has large stored gas quantity and high safety factor: The separation gas storage devices shall be used, and the automatic voltage regulation, auto recycling, auto exhaust are safe and reliable.