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Laminated glass
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    Laminated glass
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    Laminated glass
Product Description

Lminated glass

       Company has several fully automated production lines for the producing of which has came up to World-class standards with good quality float glass and imported PVB. More than 6o% of produced are exported to the Americas, Australia and other parts of the world under our control of nowadays production environment, control system and high automation.

       Laminated glass is made with two or more layers of glass with PVB film in between, with air in between removed by hot pressing, and then placed in high pressure high temperature glass production line to melt and blend the film with glass.

         Feature: 1    Safety 2    Anti hurricane and earthquakes  3   Bulletproof  

                        4   Anti- ultraviolet  5   Anti-noise

         Usage: Laminated glass is widely used in doors, windows of buildings, curtain wall, sunshade, furniture, show window, sales counter,  aquarium and large areas of glass wall.

         Specifications: Maximum size  3000mm×7500mm

                                 Thickness: 5mm-60mm

          Quality Specification : 1  GB9962 national standard

                                           2  ASTMC1172 American Standard

                                           3  AS/NZS2208 Austraia Standard