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Flexitank for food liquid transportation
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Product Description

1.     The flexitank is made of imported PE of high strength. It is made into  four  Layers, covered with one layer PP  weaves outside .It is perfectly safe .The design of the pipe is very reasonable. It is manufactured for single use, and can transform a standard 20ft container into a tank container for non-hazardous liquids.


2.     The compatible products contain : edible oil ,fruit juice concentrate ,potable water ,wine, sorbitol,  base oil ,detergents, drilling mud additives, emulsions, lubricants, plasticisers, printing ink , transformer oil ,white oil , chemicals, natural latex ,synthetic latex and many more .


3.      The capacity of a Trans ocean flexitank is from 14,000 liter to 24,000 liter.


4.   Top loading& Top discharge

      Top loading& Bottom Discharge

      Bottom loading& Bottom Discharge


5. Bulkhead:

A. Metal Bars                

Material: Square shape steel bars       

Spec: L: 2400mm x W: 50mm x H: 50mm; Thickness: 3mm     

Qty: 5 pieces per set     

B. Bulkhead    

A) Corrugated Cardboard     

Material: 1300gm/m2 AAA heavy type corrugated cardboard  

Spec: L: 2335mm x W: 1400mm; Thickness: 15mm          

C. Corrugated Paper     

Material: 180gm/m2 corrugated paper        

Spec: W: 1600mm x L: 35m; Thickness: 3 to 3.5mm        

Qty: 1 roll per set  

D. Cable Ties         

Material: Nylon 66         

Spec: W: 7.6mm x L:340 to 370mm; One Way Zip Fastening  

Qty: 10 pieces per set