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Wood silk sound-absorbing panels
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    1 Square Meter(s)
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Wood silk sound-absorbing panels,

Finishes: Generally it is the original color, also can mix latex paint and appropriate amount of water, then use spray guns to spray paint directly on the plate, back and forth two or three times consecutive general can be ok. All parts can maintain uniform color and not to spray thick so as not to affect the absorption effect.

Width:600,603,1212 or be customized Length: 1200mm,2440 mm,2438mm or be customizedCategories: wood acoustic panels have two types: bar shape sound-absorbing panels and bore sound-absorbing panels. The type of bar shape sound-absorbing panel is a mat in density is a slit resonance absorption material which have slotting in the front side and boring in the back.; The bore sound-absorption panel is a construction sound-absorption material which have round bore in both the front and back of the density panel. Two sound-absorbing panels commonly used in the walls or ceilings decoration. characteristics: Decorative effects - wood silk fabric, natural style, a different styleFire Performance –According to the test result from China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Systems and Fire-Resisting Building Components, the flame retardant reach B1-level.Waterproof performance - due to the use portland cement as the bonding material and all wood silk have handled through the mineralization, so it is waterproof. It can be used under 95% of the humidity in a long time, not moldy, not insects, can be directly used for outdoor.High temperature resistant properties – There is not deformation under the high temperature of 200 degrees.Anti-collision performance -pass the European drop hammer collision experiments, it can be used in various balls sport etc stadiums.Use of: applied to theaters, television, radio, auditorium, a stadium, a hotel, large Entertainment City, the government organs office buildings, exhibition centers, banks, schools, office and studio, concert halls, multi-purpose room, computer room, recording studio, the studio, Examination Music Room, the high class villa, home life etc with stringent requirements of the acoustic venues.