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A bike city 8 inch(mini folding bike)
  • FOB Price
    US $ 120.00 / Piece(s)
  • Min. Order
    200 Piece(s)
  • Payment Terms
    -- --
  • Port
  • Delivery Time
    3000 days after payment
  • Type:
    Road Bike
  • Foldable:
  • Wheel Size:
    8 inche
  • Frame Material:
    GF35% PA66, AL6061 T6
  • Fork Material:
    GF35% PA66, AL6061 T6
  • Rim Material:
  • Gloss Weight:
  • Net Weight:
  • Brand Name:
  • Place of Origin:
    Jiangsu China (Mainla...
Product Description


                                              NEW ARRIVAL:8 INCH WHEEL A-BIKE


Folded size:70cm×40cm×18cm
Unfolded size:100cm×95cm×43cm
Dual Chain ratios:14:8 and 35:9
Max.weight tolerance:85kgs/13st 5lbs
Max.braking force:complies with  EN14764:2005
Polymer Composite:35% GF PA66
Aluminium:heat treated 6061T6
Tyre Size:diameter 20cm/8''
Tyre Valve type:Shraeder
Pneumatic tyre pressure: 100psi
Max saddle height:90cm
Min saddle  height:82cm
Average speed:23km.p.h


(launch time:April of 2010)






Trade Mark Rights

Europe 5482195 in Class 12, 25, 28 A- BIKE

United Kingdom 2422704 in Class 12 A-BIKE

Korea 40-2006-0057317 in Class 12 A-BIKE

Japan 2006-106453 in Class 12 A-BIKE


Patent Rights

USA 6986522

Europe 05007571.2

China 200430056662.8

Hong Kong HK1072690

Japan 2005-95315

Australia 2005-100437

Korea 20-2006-0030840

Taiwan 94117597


Registered Design Rights

USA - 29/205,879

Europe 402508-0001 & 205778-0001

China  200510073039.7 Hong Kong 500433.2 & 502173.2

Japan 1236662

Australia 301875 & 305829

Turkey 2005 03697

Thailand 103663 & 103662


l         The frame is made up of ultra light and strong materials, say AL6061 and GF 35% PA66. The high-end quality material and scientific treatment ensure A-bike frame very consistent in high level performance and quality. So is the first and foremost determinant to A-bike quality.

l         The drive system is made up of high strength chains, bearings, freewheel, drive axle, layshaft, large and small sprocket, etc. To maximize the functionality of drive system, the precision and smoothness of the drive system shall be guaranteed. So is the secondary determinant to A-bike quality.

l         Most parts of A-bike are connected by fasteners. More than 100 fasteners connects more than 200 parts, as a result, for ensuring the durance of the bike, we need to make sure all the matching among every each part are right, which is the only way to maximize the durance of the bike. So is the tertiary determinant of A-bike quality.


A-bike compactness and portability features set high performance standard in parts precision, strength, hardness and tenacity. The innovative design results in its smart folding structure, together with the consistent quality of all the parts, matching precision and exactness, we assure the safe, comfortable and joyful riding experience for our customers.

So is A-bike, a folding work of art.


Worldwide Licensor: Mayhem UK Ltd 

Far-east sales office: Mayhem HK Ltd  

China sales office: Mind & Life Co., Ltd  





Outcomes of buying copies


From Britian and patent protected


Legal risk


EN 14764 and CE certificate


Legal risk

Frame material

Glass fibre reinforced nylonGF30-45% PA66

ABS or recycled plastics with harzadous sustance inside

not environment friendly; too weak to take force, easy to break--dangerous

Frame material

Aluminium alloy and T6 heat treatmentAL6061 T6

Lower grade AL6063 without proper treatment

too weak to take force, easy to lose shape or break--dangerous


mostly 8.8 grade, some 10.9 and 12.9 grade hardness

Very low quality fasteners

Easy to break, disposable after any adjustment or disassemble--dangerous


Well respected international brand with high pressure to ensure easy and comfortable ride

Low pressure tyre or PU tyre

Lower pressure tyre make the bike too hard to ride, PU tyre is not skidproof, hard to brake--dangerous

Drive system parts

Customized or CNC machined with high precision

Low quality material manufactured in a rough and slipshod way

Too much unnecessary resistance and friction when ridinguncomfortable


Buying copies will cause more problems than you imagine, disastrous to customers safety and satisfaction, disastrous to company goodwill and reputation, disastrous to sustainable profitability of your business.

Some companies in Australia, Japan and Korea bought huge amount of copies and finally kept them in the warehouse or directly get rid of them. Their business suffered from the looks-alike but nothing-comparable cheating copies.

Please be as careful as you can to avoid throwing your money away by buying copies.