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Qiangbao car tubeless Anti Flat super seal tire sealant better than Slime SF800ml 20 years OEM experience patented formu
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    25 days after payment
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    Nano particles
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    36 Months
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    0°C to 80 °C
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Product Description

Shelf Time

Shelf-Time: 3 years
Stay effective in the tire for 8+ months with our minimum suggested volume, customer can add more to extend the effective time.
Tire sealant is a liquid that may dry out over long periods of time. The rust and corrosion inhibitors in the sealant also break down over time. For maximum puncture protection and optimal performance, we recommended that refill the sealant every 6 months.

Advantages & Features

●Non-Toxic, Non-aerosol, Non-volatile.
●No need for a Tow Truck
●Non-Rust to Rim, Non-Corrosive to Tire, increase air-tightness & extend tire durability life by 60%.
●Non-adhesive to tube, tire & rim, easy to clean up with water.
●Seal punctures up to 6.8mm for inner tube, 10mm for motor tubeless tire, 18mm for car tubeless tire, and 38mm for ORT tire (with our special formula)
●Seal inner tube punctures up to 6.8mm.
●Seal tubeless tire punctures permanently.
●Special chemical agents help to cool down the tire and reduce blowout by 80%.
●Regular series (blue bottle) work well between -2°C~90°C.
●Anti-freezing series (black bottle) work well between -22°C~90°C (able to restore to liquid form after temperature raise up around 10°C) Be noted: Freeze point of Anti-Freezing tire sealant can be adjusted from -45 C° to -5C° on customer's request. Order with customized freeze point is of no liquid form restoration ability.
●Fix punctures instantly, repeatedly and permanently for more than 50 times only by one injection. (Temporarily for tube tires, need traditional repair)
●Different tire size is designed with specific volume such as 130ml 250ml 350ml 360ml 600ml 1000ml 4l 25l 200l and more.
●Upgraded bottle cap made application much easier.


●Must shake this sealant evenly up & down before application.
●Do not mix with any other self-sealing agent or water.
●This sealant must be prefilled into the tire before the punctures.
●If you want to use this product after the puncture, you have to spot the puncture and rotate tire or move car to position puncture at lower half of tire (with puncture at 6 o' clock position), then squeeze this sealant into tire and inflate tire with air pump.
●This sealant will not seal punctures outside the tread area or seal a hole made by tools like a roughen rasp.
●This tire sealant is a temporary repair when used in passenger buses with tube tires, please inspect tires regularly & seek an immediate professional repair when you find any puncture or perforating objects.
●Eye protection must be worn during installation.
●This product may affect the reading accuracy of tire built-in TPMS.
●Apply this sealant to old and low-quality tires or tires with unmatched inner tube will affect sealing performance.
●This Sealant might be harmful if swallowed, Keep out of reach of children.

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What’s the difference between QiangBao® Tire sealant and aerosol tire inflator?
QiangBao® liquid Tire sealant is non-toxic, cleans up with water and does not contain propellants. An alternate air source is required to inflate tire after installation. Aerosol tire inflator provide minimal inflation, delivering only enough air to lift the rim off the ground and can only be used once for emergency.