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Intelligent reflective thermal insulating coatings
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    RMB 780.00 - 1500.00 / Barrel(s)
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    100 Barrel(s)
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    15 days after payment
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    Wall Coating
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    Guangdong, China
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Product Description


Intelligent reflective thermal insulating coatings using imported raw materials, insulation RPM international Tao Zhu, self crosslinkingpolymer, refined. Paint film, reflective heat insulating efficiency high,weather resistance, stain resistance and good performancecharacteristics, can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the wall, the application of building energy saving engineering. Is a set of new energy saving coating reflection, radiation and barrier functions. Coatingof solar radiation above 85% 400~2500nm within the range of the high reflection and near infrared (solar reflectivity of 0.85), effectively preventthe sun's heat accumulation. At the same time, with extremely low thermal conductivity of the thermal resistance material in the coating, effectivelyblock heat energy transfer. In the hot summer, the sun does not makehard coating surface heating, feel it is cool. Only in the roof and coated with a thin layer of, let you cool world!

product is suitable for building external wall, roof and steel structurebuilding, petrochemical storage, warehouse, telecom base stations andall such places of heat insulation and cooling.

the product features

1, insulation, cooling effect is good, the sun, the sun all day, the coating surface is still cool, not hot, energy-saving rate of more than 58%.

2, environmental protection: the product is water, ultra low VOC without the addition of cadmium, lead, chromium and other harmful substances,is a kind of green and low carbon products.

3, good self-cleaning coating: hydrophobic oleophobic, anti dirt, wash resistant paint.

4, strong weatherability: coating can withstand the test of all kinds of weather, tough, not cracking, peeling, not easy to aging, effective

To prevent leakage, water erosion, anti ultraviolet performance, long service life of 10 years.

5, good adhesion: coating construction, crack, peeling off will not occur,or the phenomenon of the powder.

the performance parameters

According to GB/T25261-2010 "architectural reflective thermal insulation coatings" JC/T235-2008 "architectural reflective thermal insulation coatings" alkali resistance water resistance of 168h 48h no abnormalabnormal abrasion resistance

1000 stain resistance (white and light colored) is less than or equal to 12% salt fog 100h no abnormal thermal conductivity 0.035w/m.k

Aging resistance of 240h foam, no peeling, no crack solar reflectivitygreater than 0.86 hemisphere reflectivity

More than 0.84

construction technology

Add 10-20% slowly stir clean tap water directly spraying or roller brush,wool brush 2 times, the time interval of not less than 2 hours of construction two times, airless spraying effect is better, according to thedifferent engineering construction scheme construction of our.