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Desulfurization agent for Crude oil and natural gas
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    honor shine
Product Description

Hydrogen sulfide gas is colorless, toxic and corrosive, often exists in crude oil and natural gas mining collection and transportation system, in order to protect personal safety, pipeline equipment is not corroded, it is necessary to reduce the content of hydrogen sulfide.

Liquid sulfur removal agent can be added from the wellbore to the well, through the chemical irreversible reaction between the medicament and hydrogen sulfide, the production of non-corrosive, easy to treat stable products, in order to reduce the content of hydrogen sulfide, to solve the safety and corrosion problems caused by hydrogen sulfide.

Second, the Mechanism of action The desulfurizer reacts with hydrogen sulfide to convert sulfur into c-s bond form, so that sulfur elements no longer appear in the form of hydrogen sulfide, and in a more stable liquid form into the liquid phase (water and condensate), the C-s key can be 284.7 kj/mol, with extremely high thermal stability, after desulfurization reaction products for organic matter,

will not cause corrosion, scaling and other hazards to pipeline equipment.

III. Technical Indicators

Table 1 Technical indicators of Desulfurizer

Project indicators

ph value 6-8

The temperature ℃-19-110℃ all have good desulfurization effect.

Good desulfurization effect under pressure mpa≤25mpa conditions

Condensation Point ℃≤-18

Sulfur removal capacity (removal of H2S quality/pharmaceutical quality within 1min) ≥5%

Filling method wellhead or station in the filling

Density, g/cm3 0.9~1.15

Solubility soluble in water and methanol

Compatibility with methanol, foaming agent, corrosion inhibitor, anti-scaling agent, formation water has a good compatibility

Instantaneous sulfur removal rate of medicament ≥95%


Desulfurization Product Products Stable, 110 ℃ under the non-reverse release of toxic and harmful substances Note: The method for the determination of instantaneous sulfur removal rate of medicaments is to add a certain liquid (water field extraction water sample, etc.) to the 500mL high temperature and high pressure reaction kettle, to enter hydrogen sulfide in the high temperature and high pressure reactor, so that the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the reactor reaches more than 200ppm, and after stirring 20min by adding hydrogen sulfide treatment agent,


The hydrogen sulfide content was determined by hydrogen sulfide detector in 10 seconds, that is, instantaneous sulfur removal rate = (200-A) ÷200x100%.

Iv. Storage and use

Storage: Sulfur removal agent properties are stable, can be stored in-29~45℃ outdoor conditions, the performance of the same.

Use: It can be added from the alcohol injection pipeline of the gas collecting station to the gas pipeline, or it can be added to the well by the wellhead oil sleeve annular or tubing.

V. Expected effect After filling the medicament, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas ≤13ppm.