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BF series High Flow Pleated Bag Filters replace to Pall Marksman Series filters
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    BF series
Product Description

High Flow Pleated Bag Filters are made of high quality pleated depth polypropylene,replace to Pall Marksman Series filters and easily retrofit into existing Size 1 and Size 2 filter bag housings. One piece Size 2 high flow pleated bag filters replaces up to 16pcs standard 10"(254mm) depth filters, making change-outs quick and easy.

High flow bag pleated filters are inside-to-outside fluid flow, combine the performance advantages of filter cartridges and filter bags which use in bag filter systems. High flow bag filters provide high quality benefits and economic value, the pleated design increase the effective filtration area with high flow rate, long service and lower operating costs.



1. Easy operation, simply maintenance and lower operating costs

2. Improve filter bags design, pleated bag filters provide high efficiencies & flow rates

3. 6 inch large high flow bag filters diameter suitable for high flow contaminant applications

4. Inside-to-outside fluid flow ensure the impurities trapped inside high flow pleated bag filters

5. High flow bag pleated filters offer broad chemical compatibility and high dirt-holding capacity

6. Replace to Pall Marksman Series filters and easily retrofit into existing Size 1 and Size 2 bag housings




1. Paints,Ink and coatings

2. Oil and water separation industry

3. Food and beverage water filtration

4. Water filtration in Power generation

5. Microelectronic, film, CD/DVD and resin

6. Prefiltration of RO and sea water desalination

7. Solvents, API and water filtration in pharm field


Filter MediaPolypropylene Pleated
Nominal Length16"(405 mm) for size 1 bag, 31"(785 mm) for size 2 bag, 40" Length
Outside Diameter6 inch(152mm)
Filtration Rating1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 40μm, 70μm, 100μm
Support/DrainagePolypropylene (PP)
End Cap MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Outer Support CagePolypropylene (PP)
Seal MaterialEPDM, NBR