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Wax injection molding silicone jewelry jewelry soft plastic mold jewelry casting mold K gold jewelry plastic mold
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    Note wax plastic
Product Description

Product Description Complete 1X1

  1, different product components: Our raw materials imported raw materials used in Germany 90% pure silicon plus 10% powder plastic synthesis. The other note is a large number of plastic injection of wax plus a small amount of pure plastic synthesis.

  2, the product weight is different, because the pure plastic is lighter than the powder, so the weight of the product accounts for only 90% of the other injection wax.

  3, due to the different composition of the product, raw plastic only 40-45 degrees, soft and delicate, cooked after curing 56 degrees, bearing power and smoothness are superior to other plastic.


Complete range of applications 1X1


  For stainless steel, gold, silver, copper, all kinds of glasses accessories, watches and clocks jewelry and other production.

Note the application of wax products

  Production of products smooth, fine, standard, detail depicts a clear plastic mold, do not water.

  Soft texture, full of tenacity, India is suitable for the more complicated patterns, the outline size of small, convex silver stamper obvious, when the wax mold is not easy to break with its pouring products, can reduce or eliminate the process of the model, and Greatly increased production efficiency, reduce wear and tear, reducing production costs. Word printed pattern clearly up to the original effect, so that the post-order process to reduce the time.


  1, Silica gel should be vulcanized at a temperature of 150-160 ℃.

  2, the curing pressure should be between 120BAR-150BAR, do not over-pressure, otherwise it will seriously affect the life of silicone.

  3, curing time calculation: 1mm thickness / 2min. Under normal circumstances at least curing for half an hour. Immediately after curing is complete, remove the mold frame and place it in a well-ventilated place for natural cooling (or fan blowing). Wait until the temperature is lowered to the point where it can be opened by hand.

  4, centrifugal casting, the time of centrifugation at least 40 seconds or more, the longer the centrifugation time, the higher the product quality, speed should be within 800 rpm / min.


  5, each module should have sufficient time interval, open the heat. At least 3 to pay the above rotation time is better.

Matters needing attention Complete 1X1


  First, the mold box and model

  Please select the aluminum frame with better thermal conductivity. Please note that the mold frame must be flat, do not use bad mold frame, and the mold frame with V-shaped groove will help the air discharge, which is the best Die model. The model must be clean, thoroughly clean the model before it is molded.

     Second, filling rubber

    Rubber too much or too little when filling the rubber is not appropriate die mode, the die before you confirm the thickness of the die box, the appropriate total thickness of the die glue is higher than the thickness of the die frame 1-2mm optimal. To ensure the integrity of the rubber mold subtle and complex parts, please cut the appropriate size of the plastic filling, the rubber will indeed be filled in the delicate and complex parts. When filling, please place the model in the center of the mold box. The upper and lower layers should be as same as possible. Unpolluted mold environment and hand sweat, grease will pollute the rubber, dirty rubber will cause rubber mold flaws, please use tweezers or other tools for stamper.

     Third, heating curing

     Standard vulcanization temperature is 165 degrees Celsius, with 10mm heating temperature 25 minutes on the basis of the mold, the mold frame for each additional 1mm sulfur time must increase 2 minutes, the mold box to not more than 30mm for the best.

    Before adding sulfur, it is necessary to preheat the molding machine to a set temperature of 165 degrees Celsius. When adding sulfur, put the sulfur model into the mold press and gently press for about one minute until the surface rubber softens before pressing Diework, and began to calculate the molding time.

     At the beginning of the die, if the die temperature drops by more than 30% of the set temperature and the die-bonder does not reach 155 ° C in 10 minutes, the optimum cure will not be achieved. Power of the press.

     The temperature on the stamper is not very accurate. Use a temperature gauge to measure the actual temperature on the stamper when you purchase the stamper to achieve the best cure result.

     Fourth, cooling

    1. Please use the pliers before cooling the heat-resistant cloth tear off.

    2. The same result can be obtained by natural cooling and water cooling. When using water cooling, the cooling time can be shortened. The rubber mold still retains plasticity when it is not completely cooled. Do not open the mold.

  Five, open mold

  The use of mold aids can be better rubber mold, please keep the mold cutting tool sharp performance, cutting bad tool will increase the difficulty of mold opening and mold defects, and prone to model engineers work accidents.

  Sixth, save

  Rubber should be kept in the shade, the best preservation of the environment temperature is between 15-30 degrees Celsius.

  Seven, matters needing attention

  The performance of the new rubber is best within three months. Unvulcanized rubber will gradually reduce the rubber performance and shorten the service life as the storage temperature increases. However, vulcanization caused by the high temperature environment may eventually lead to rubber scrap , Please use according to the date of storage. The same performance as a new rubber can be obtained even after one year in a good storage environment. At too low a temperature, the rubber will be cured for a short period of time, usually returning to normal temperature to restore its original performance. Too high a storage temperature will accelerate the aging of the vulcanized rubber to reduce the service life.