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High-precision Non-contact Injection Valve Dispensing Machine
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    RMB 0.00 - 79000.00 / Piece(s)
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    1 Piece(s)
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    10 days after payment
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    Guangdong Dongguan
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Product Description

1. High-precision non-contact injection valve for fluid dispensing, can form point, line, surface (coating) and a variety of graphics, a large number used in chip mounting, packaging and chip coating, paint.

2. The fluid is precisely dispensed, the ideal size of the fluid (flux, conductive adhesive, epoxy resin and adhesives, etc.) transferred to the workpiece (chips, electronic components, etc.) in place, in order to achieve mechanical components Or electrical connection, the technology requires dispensing system operating performance, high dispensing speed and point out the glue point consistency and high precision. 3. At present, both at home and abroad are studying the dispensing equipment capable of adapting to a variety of fluid materials and having better flexibility so that it can precisely control the flow of fluid and the position of the glue dots to obtain uniform glue dots, Accurate positioning of the point to meet the needs of the development of electronic packaging industry. With the development of encapsulation and dispensing industry, dispensing technology has gradually shifted from contact dispensing to contactless (dispensing) dispensing. 4. Can achieve accurate positioning of the glue point, and can get a small diameter of 100 microns glue point, but the dispensing speed is slow and glue point consistency is poor; contactless spray dispensing, greatly improving the fluid material Dispensing speed, jetting frequency is high, and the gel point is uniform, good consistency.

High-pressure dispensing valve for a variety of sizes, viscosity, pressure, large flow of liquid dispensing precision. Due to the function of suction back, it can prevent the plastic molding from being bad and not affected by the input pressure of the liquid, so that the liquid can be quickly shut down or squeezed out. The oily cavity can be selected to create a liquid seal that prevents moisture from being drawn into the extruded liquid, making it ideal for dispensing liquids that are sensitive to moisture.