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acid purification system
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Product Description

Acid purification system   



The chemical reagents used during the analysis are an important source of the analytical blank.
Acid purification system has been demonstrated to be the best method of acid purification. 

Acide2000 issuitable for the purification of HNO3 ,HCl ,HF,H2Oand so on.                                        




It can be used for the laboratory routine analysis of pure acid purification and reduce the impurity interference.

All parts in contact with acids are made of high-purity fluoropolymers.

Temperature setting:0-280adjustable.

Time setting: Working time 0 ~ 99 hours adjustable.
Thepurification rate ranges from40 to 400mL per hour, depending on thepower setting.

condenser: Air cooling and  water cycle cooling.

The more times purified , the higher purity of the acid

Maximal purification 1L one time

Users can choose to abandon the initial purification of the first 1-2 hours,in order to avoid the collection of low boiling elements, such as mercury.

Built in acid gas absorption system, can absorb acid gas at short time

PFA collection bottle volume:500ml

The purified bottle,collection bottle and the waste liquid bottle are all placed in the darkbox, so as to avoid photolysis.


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