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Inverted fluorescence microscope MF53 is scientific grade fluorescence microscope with phase contrast
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Product Description

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope MF53


MF53 is a high end inverted fluorescence microscope close to scientific grade developed by Mshot, performance equivalent with Olympus CKX41. The microscope adopts excellent quality Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical System to make sure better fluorescence imaging. Meanwhile, MF53 also support phase contrast observation, simple polarization and photographic microscopy observation. MF53 inverted fluorescent microscope is ideal for live cell laboratory microscopy imaging.


  •  Real stable and durable microscope frame for live cell laboratory working.

  •  Adopt  excellent independent  achromatic optical system.

  •  Equipped with infinity plan achromatic objectives and Phase contrast objectives. 

  •  Support phase contrast observation, simple polarization and photographic microscopy observation.

  •  Center pre-adjusted phase contrast slide.

  •  0.001mm fine focusing system.

  •  C-mount adapter on the left side of the microscope body.

  •  Equipped with high quality Chroma filters .

  •  Long working distance condenser.

  •  Osram 100W mercury lamp.

  •  Consist of three excitation group:UV,blue and green.

  •  Wheel turnplate to change filter cube.

  • 10W LED transmitted light.


  •  Excellent infinity independent achromatic optical system offer high clarity imaging. 

  •  High quality objectives for fluorescence and phase contrast.

  •  0.001mm fine focusing provide more accuracy.

  •  Easy to change excitation wavelength and adjust illumination. 

  •  Chroma filters offer excellent fluorescent.

  •  100W Osram Mercury lamp make sure stable fluorescence operating.  

  •  4X, 10X,20X, 40X phase contrast are optional.  

  •   Long working distance condenser and objective can hold various culture dishes.

  •   Leanback adjustable microscope arm, convenience to put on culture dishes

  •  10W high bright LED lamp for easier bright field.


  •  Getting high quality phase contrast and fluorescence imaging by one microscope.

  •  Satisfy routine live cell laboratory purpose sufficiently.                                    

  •  Super accuracy focusing 0.001mm make sure operator getting accuracy observation result.

  •  Qualified Chroma filter and Osram mercury lamp provides guarantee fluorescence excitation.  

  •  Turnplate illumination is high efficiency to transfer between different fluorescent.





Eyepiece Head

Binocular observation tube, 45°inclined, interpupillary width adjust range 52-75mm, diopter adjustable


WF10X/20 plan eyepiece, high eyepoint


Centering telescope

Objective (infinity  long distance objective)

10X infinity long working distance plan achromatic objective.  NA0.25 

10X infinity long working distance phase contrast plan achromatic objective.  NA0.40 WD7.97

20X infinity long working distance phase contrast plan achromatic objective.  NA0.40 WD7.97

40X infinity long working distance plan achromatic objective. NA0.40 WD3.76

Phase contrast 

Phase contrast slide plate in 10X,20X

Focus system

Coaxial coarse and fine with limit and locking devices, low coaxial focus adjusting handle, 

fine adjusting handle scale value 0.001mm, focusing more accurate.


Quintuple revolving nosepiece with bearing inner location and anti-fungus device


Fixed stage 240mmX260mm; with low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob, moving range

135mmX85mm, with water drop slide (Φ118)and multifunction slide holder(76X26、Φ60)

Epi fluorescent equipment

Multifunctional fluorescent semi-reflector

Mercury lamp housing

100W/DC mercury lamp

Power box: AC 10V or 220V

UV excitation fluorescence unit

UV excitation waveband: 330~380nm

 Blue excitation fluorescence unit

B excitation waveband: 460~490nm

Green excitation fluorescence unit

G excitation waveband: 510~550nm


Condenser: long working distance condenser 72mm, NA 0.30, equipped with three holes phase contrast ring plate 

with yellow, green and blue filter groups

Transmitted light illuminator

10W LED lamp, universal voltage 110-240V,50/60Hz, specific LED lamp brightness controller, can leanback 45℃ convenience to put on culture dishes.

Filters in blue, green and yellow 

Optical interface

0.5x C-mount adapter


Optional Accessories



Phase contrast infinity long working distance plan achromatic 4X

Phase contrast infinity long working distance plan achromatic 40X

Infinity long working distance plan achromatic 20X NA.0.4 WD7.97

Infinity long working distance plan achromatic 40X

Infinity long working distance plan achromatic 60X

Digital Camera

High sensitivity CCD camera with software


Fixed stage 350mmX208mm; with low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob, moving range 50mmX50mm, with water drop slide (Φ118)and multifunction slide holder(76X26、Φ54)

Transmitted illumination

Built-in aspheric lens, 6V30W Osram halogen lamp, universal voltage 110-240V,50/60Hz, specialized power box

Phase contrast

4X,40X phase contrast ring

Culture dish holder

Perforated distribution plate

C-mount adapter 

0.25X (suitable for 1/3” CCD camera)

1X C-mount adapter