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Rhodafac ASI80 Replacer CAS No. 4724-48-5
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    Water based antirust
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Product Description

Rhodafac ASI80 Replacer CAS No. 4724-48-5

Contains octyphosphonic acid
CAS No. 4724-48-5
Specifically to solve the problem of reactive metal corrosion discoloration
Be used for the cleaning and cutting of metal, and is mainly used as an anti-corrosion agent in the processing lubricant of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and has very good lubricating and extreme pressure performance.

Application and Recommend treat level
· Formula addition0.5-2%; Supplement amount 0.025-0.1%;
· Be widely used for water based cleaning agent, metalworking fluid(emulsion & synthetic liquid).
·Asail AL80 is easy to use as a fluid product; Asail AL100 has higher activity as waxy solid;
·The operation is simple, and can be directly added into the condensation without addition of coupler;
·It has most effective on the surface treatment for aluminum
·When the concentration is greater than 1%, it also has very effective on protection on tin / zinc.
·Recommended use of soft water in the formula;

Luoyang Fansun Chemical  is a professional manufacturer of metal processing water soluble additives in China. So far, our products has exported to European, America, Southeast Asia with a favorable comment and reputation from our customers. Our product are qualified with the same European Standard and are of the similar quality as those in your market, but with much lower cost as we are the factory in mainland of China.
1) metalworking fluid additives (CAS80584-91-4 BASF L190 replacer, CAS78521-39-8 Becrosan 2128 replacer, CAS 88477-37-6 Irgamet 42 replacer, ASI80replacer, Extreme pressure agent and so on)
2) metalworking oleochemicals (castor oil derivatives (four castor oil ester, DCO, DCO-FA, castor oil fatty acid, sulfated caster oil,  Oiliness  lmprover(Oxidized rapeseed oil),
3) special lubricating oil additives( T705, TPPT, OSA,DDSA)
4) industrial biocides & pharmaceutical intermediates (BK, MBM, Kathon; 4-Nitrobenzoyl chloride, 4-Nitrobenzoyl chloride)

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