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Rust Protection Chemical cas 80584-91-4
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Product Description

Rust Protection Chemical cas 80584-91-4

Fsail3190, an organic polycarboxylic acid, is a water-soluble corrosion    inhibitor which can be classified as an amphoterics organic surfactant.It is an inhibitor for all types of water based lubricants and functional fluids.

1) If the PH is adjusted with triethanolamine (TEA) or another base to pH > 8 then the solubility in water increases to > 5.0%
(2) TEA > 99% pure is recommended to meet requirement of German TRGS 611.
Applications and typical treat levels              
All types of water based lubricant and functional fluids: 
- metal working fluids (semi-synthetic and synthetic) 
- high water based hydraulic fluids (HFC) engine coolants 
- engine and other cooling systems
- Does not form resinous films or gums on metals
 - Offers an extremely low foaming tendency and an excellent air release    
- Good biodegradability
 - Compatible with hard water 
 - Fsail 3190 may be used for corrosion inhibition of multi-metal systems. 
 - This inhibitory effect can be improved by a combination with Usail7042 a water-soluble metal deactivator
   - No tendency to form nitrosamines   

Guidelines for use
Fsail 3190contains water; it must not be stored below freezing point or in a warm environment; it also must not be heated. Fsail 3190 is a free acid having a limited solubility in water. To dissolve Fsail 3190  in  water  take  the  solid  product  and  then  slowly  add, triethanolamine, or another neutralisation agent, drop-wise with constant stirring until the pH reaches 8.5 (measure the pH with a pH meter). The solution will be clear within a short time.

Package & Shelf life: 
25kg/bag, 750kg/pallet , 1 year (under airtight,dry and cool conditions)

Luoyang Fansun Chemical  is a professional manufacturer of metal processing water soluble additives in China. So far, our products has exported to European, America, Southeast Asia with a favorable comment and reputation from our customers. Our product are qualified with the same European Standard and are of the similar quality as those in your market, but with much lower cost as we are the factory in mainland of China.
1) metalworking fluid additives (CAS80584-91-4 BASF L190 replacer, CAS78521-39-8 Becrosan 2128 replacer, CAS 88477-37-6 Irgamet 42 replacer, ASI80replacer, Extreme pressure agent and so on)
2) metalworking oleochemicals (castor oil derivatives (four castor oil ester, DCO, DCO-FA, castor oil fatty acid, sulfated caster oil,  Oiliness  lmprover(Oxidized rapeseed oil),
3) special lubricating oil additives( T705, TPPT, OSA,DDSA)
4) industrial biocides & pharmaceutical intermediates (BK, MBM, Kathon; 4-Nitrobenzoyl chloride, 4-Nitrobenzoyl chloride)

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