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PVC Processing Aid,PVC Foaming Regulator ,PVC Lubrication Aid,Plastic additives,PVC impact Modifier,CPE-135A

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Sanrun S-530 PVC Foaming Regulator good melt flow
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    7 days after payment
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    PVC Processing Aid
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    Plastic Auxiliary Age...
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    white powder
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Product Description


Shandong Sanrun Auxiliaries Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008. It is located in weifang city, Shandong Province, China.  We are Leading Processional ACR Manufacturer. Company has always been adhering to the "credibility first, customer first, sincere cooperation", the purpose of continuous improvement of service levels, and strive to cultivate "people-oriented, pioneering and innovative scientific development" of corporate culture.

A heart for the best, an action for the best and the value creation of maximized efficiency are the ultimate goals of Shandong Sanrun Auxiliaries Technology Co.,Ltd. Our mission is to produce and promote new products thereby to create newer dimensions.


Our Products :

PVC Foaming Regulators

PVC Lubrication Processing Aid

PVC Plasticizing Processing Aid

PVC Transparent Processing Aid




Production capacity:

The company’s annual comprehensive productive capacity of PVC Processing aids and modifiers of Various types has reached 20,000 tons.


Our products:

S-530 is foaming regulator made from acrylate monomer by emulsion polymerization process. It is mainly used to improve the uniformity of foaming hole, promote fusion and melt, improve the surface quality of the finished product.

It is used as foaming regulator, it can endow higher melt strength, better fusion and fluidity, promote  gelation  of PVC. It make the gas, generated from decomposition while vesicant is heated, dissolved in PVC melt body as quickly as fully, then it intertwists with the PVC molecular chain, the strength and elasticity of the melt body is improved greatly.

It can have the foamed product keep down well-distributed and compact air bubble, Thus form homogeneous foaming structure.

It is white powder, it can be dissolved in ketone and chloroform, but not in water and alcohol.


Products advantages:

1.       Excellent processability

2.       Higher melt strength

3.       Excellent surface-gloss

4.       Lower dosage and higher efficiency

5.       Higher molecular weight and viscosity




White free flowing 


White free flowing 


Particle size(40 mesh passing%)≥98≥98
Volatiles content(%)≤1.5≥98



1.     Pipe, Fittings

2.      PVC Foam Sheet

3.  WPC Foam Sheet

4.  WPC Foam Board


Our regular packages are:

N.W. 20 kg or 25 kg PP bag inner PE;

N.W. 250kg or 550kg bulk bag.




Net 25kgs Bag, 12MTS, Without Pallet;10MTS With Pallet

Net 550kgs Bag,10MTS With Pallet


Net 25kgs Bag, 22MTS with or Without Pallet

Net 550kgs Bag,20MTS With Pallet