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Phenolic Foam Insulation Pipe Section/EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION SYSTEMS
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Product Description



The PermaRock Phenolic external wall insulation (EWI) system incorporates high performance rigid cellular phenolic foam insulation boards.

The lightweight, low thermal conductivity insulation enables high levels of thermal performance to be achieved utilising thinner sections of insulation.

The system is an ideal solution for buildings that cannot increase their footprint significantly due to encroachment onto pavements, passageways, proximity to an adjacent property, or are located within conservation areas.

Key Features


  • Higher levels of thermal performance for thinner levels of insulation

  • Low density and lightweight

  • Can assist in achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Levels 4-6, BREEAM and Passivhaus Standards

  • Class O fire rating*

  • Ecopoints Score of 0.15 (m2) – Very Good Rating

  • UKAS Accredited (BRE Cert No. 158/12)


Quick Check


  • UKAS Accreditation - BRE Accredited (Cert No. 158/12)

  • Market Sectors - Residential, Education, Healthcare, Public Buildings, Commercial

  • Substrate - Types Brickwork, Concrete, Blockwork,Metal Frame, Timber Frame, SIPS

  • Low-Rise/High-Rise - Low-Rise* + Medium-Rise*(1)

  • Decorative Render/Finishes - All

  • Insulation Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) -Thickness 15 mm - 24 mm: 0.023 /Thickness 25 mm - 44 mm: 0.021 / Thickness ≥ 45 mm: 0.020

  • Insulation Thicknesses - 20 - 140 mm

* Non-combustible fire breaks should be introduced at each floor level above secondfloor level. (1) Dependent on substrate type, height of structure, location of finish, etc –please consult PermaRock for advice.

Environmental & Quality Standards


  • The system is manufactured and supplied in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management)

  • The system is manufactured and supplied in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)

  • Phenolic insulation is manufactured to EN 13166 and isCFC and HCFC free

  • The insulation has zero ozone depletion potential (zero-ODP)and zero global warming potential (GWP)

  • Recycling facility for uncontaminated insulation boards is available for site waste

  • Ecopoint Rating (m²) – 0.15 – Very Good Rating

  • Low U-Values are achievable in order to meet or exceed Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM and Passivhaus Standards

  • Green Guide to Specification A Rating Achievable

  • Extremely airtight façades can be achieved


Technical Overview - System Properties


  • Accreditation - UKAS Accredited – BRE Certificate 158/12 (Acrylic Finish, Brick Effect Render, Brick Slips, Dry Dash, Scratch Render, Silicone Finish)

  • Durability - Assessed lifetime of the system is in excess of 30 years (BRE Certificate No 158/12)

  • Fire Performance -Phenolic Insulation classified C-s2, d0 under BS EN 13501 – 1 when tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 1182:2002. The system and finishes areClass O surfaces when tested to BS 476 part 6 and 7. For use on multi-storey buildings, the system must incorporate fire barriers, with the exception ofa mineral finish.***

  • Impact Resistance - Complies with the recommendations of BRE publication BRE 6/81: System can achieve levels of hard body impact resistance ranging from approx 4J to in excess of 40J*

  • Water Resistance - Classified as Type 4 insulating cladding for permeability to water, as defined in UEAtc MOAT No. 45. The system is suitable for geographical areas including those classified as having very severe exposure to wind driven rain (BS 5628: Part 3 and BS 8104)

  • Water VapourPermeability - The PermaRock Phenolic system with 50 mm insulation and dry dash aggregate finish has a measured vapour resistance (BS7374) of >15MNs/g

  • Wind Resistance - The system can be designed to withstand high wind load and suction pressure. The values should be calculated in accordance with BS 6399: Part 2. Mechanical tests on the system have shown that the system will adequately resist wind forces in the UK

* Dependent on specification / ** Data quoted is based upon a PermaRock Phenolic insulation board with an average density of 35 kg/m³ / ***Use of PermaRock Phenolic System is limited to buildings with a height of <18m

All suggestions and application instructions should be used for guidance only - please consult product Technical Datasheet for further information.

Packaging & Shipping

40’ HQ Container : Standard size: 3950/2950 * 1200 * 20mm, 10 sheets packed in on carton, total 660 sheets (3950mm) (3128.4m2)/ 880 sheets (2950mm)(3115.2m2). 20’ GP Container : Standard size: 2900 * 1200 * 20mm, 10 sheets packed in one carton, total 400 sheets(1392m2).