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Phenolic Foam Insulation Board/panel
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Product Description

Phenolic Foam Insulation Board in Building Application:



Fireproof Phenolic Foam Insulation Board is the only material that can provide this unique range of benefits and is used in a variety of applications: HVAC Ducting, Building and Construction(roofing,cavity board, external wall board,plasterboard dry lining systems,wall insulation, floor insulation and as a sarking board),Factory Engineered Composite Panels, fire doors, highly fire resistant panels.


Closed cell phenolic foam is used extensively in the building industry for a number of application areas including roofing, cavity board, external wall board, plaster board dry linings systems, floor insulation and as sarking board. Phenolic foams offer significant advantages over other insulation materials which are summarised below. A range of phenolic foam boards is available to suit most new buildings or refurbishment applications.


Flexible-faced phenolic foam boards used in the building industry are typically manufactured in the continuous lamination process. This involves spraying a mixture of phenolic resin, catalyst and blowing agent onto a moving facing. A top facing is then introduced and the product then goes through a heated conveyor press and heated ovens and is then cut to the required size. Phenolic foam products with Agrément certification are available for roofing, cavity board, floor board, dry lining, external wall board and sarking board.



Space saving: the exceptionally low thermal conductivity of closed cell phenolic foam boards means that appropriate insulation efficiency can be achieved with the thinnest possible material. This can be a significant advantage in building regulations, for example, in plaster board dry lining systems where internal room space is maximised and in cavity wall applications where the building envelope thickness is minimised.

Class O fire rating in accordance with the Building Regulations 1992 Edition, Approved Document B,

Factory applied Class O rated aluminium foil or glass tissue facings are available

Exceptionally low smoke emission - less than 5% when tested in accordance with BS 5111 : Part 1

Excellent moisture resistance as a result of low water vapour permeability and 90% closed cell structure

Non fibrous: this is particularly relevant for use in hospitals, food preparation areas and breweries

Manufactured under ISO 9002 Quality Management System


Phenolic foam is a very versatile material suitable for a large range of applications where thermal performance, moisture resistance, fire performance and in certain cases structural strength are key performance criteria.

Technical Data:

Standard Width600/1200mm
LengthAny length
Foam Density40-60kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity0.02W/m.K
Water Absorption(% by volume)0.25
Compressive Strength137.7psi
Tensile Strength61.4psi
Dimension Change0.3
CFCs and HCFCSFree                                         


Packaging & Shipping

40’ HQ Container : Standard size: 3950/2950 * 1200 * 20mm, 10 sheets packed in on carton, total 660 sheets (3950mm) (3128.4m2)/ 880 sheets (2950mm)(3115.2m2). 20’ GP Container : Standard size: 2900 * 1200 * 20mm, 10 sheets packed in one carton, total 400 sheets(1392m2).