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4.2mm pipe borescope side 90 degree lens
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Product Description


Handheld portable borescope Is a set of optical, precision machinery, electronic technology and imaging technology in one of the new nondestructive testing instrument, simple operation; to inspect all kinds of industrial piping or narrow space inside the complex equipment corrosion, crack, weld, foreign body, wear and internal parts processing and other conventional NDT technique cannot touch the non visual parts surface defects can detect detailed.

Technology advantage


1 portable design, easy to operate, can charge for lithium battery, make work time lasting, inspection of various industrial pipelines or complex small internal space, equipment corrosion, weld, crack, wear parts and foreign body internal processing can be detected by fine comprehensive;

2 ergonomic design, elegant atmosphere, perfect feeling;

3  video camera, integrated function, convenient and timely record test data;

4.4.3 inch LCD screen, providing a smooth, real, clear, stable dynamic, static detection screen; image mirror, zoom and other functions.


The main technical parameters

1, the camera parameters

Camera specifications

With 4.2mm

Angle of view

90 degrees

The number of pixels

450000 pixels

Camera shell

Alloy steel

The depth of field (line of sight)


Lighting type


2, display and system configuration

The operating rod control and guide bearing


Fixed range


Orientation angle/

The guide distance and the length of

The standard 10 meters

Axial control


Insert the tube


3, display and system configuration

The weight of the system

The whole set of equipment including: 3.4kg:<1kg bare metal chassis

Host size

44cm X34cm X14cm

Power Supply

Lithium battery: 3.7V, 3000maH

The structure of the material

Plastic bags PC fall proof shell

LCD screen

Highlight 4.3 inch display

Brightness adjustment

Manual adjustment

I/O port data

USB2.0 port, Tvout Video signal output


8G High speed SD Card (maximum support 32G)

Key function

Menu operation, video Recording, camera

White balance

Automatic white balance

Image function

Mirror image, zoom, preview

Language support

Support in 7

4, work environment

The host system working temperature

-10 ~50 DEG C, the LCD screen 0 degrees below the preheating

Relative humidity

90%, no condensation

The working temperature of video probe

-20 DEG ~60 DEG, 0 DEG C should reduce the operation guide


The probe and the lens can bear IP67 waterproof

Storage temperature

-20 ~60 OC



Application field:

 In 1, the aerospace industry: for products used in aircraft structure frame, engine blade, check

2, automobile manufacturing, auto parts, engine repair: for inspection of products

3, electricity production, construction units: for wind power plant, hydroelectric power plant, power plant, electric power construction unit testing products Endoscope  Testing

4, precision casting and mechanical manufacturing: for mechanical parts production, product inspection unit for casting

5, petroleum, chemical industry, pressure vessel industry: for the detection of oil products, chemical industry and pressure vessel

6, railway, ship, construction engineering, research units: for the detection of locomotive product, turbine, engineering, pharmaceutical, food pipeline

7, national defense and military security, security: for weapon equipment, public safety inspection