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Wastewater Treatment Projects and Facilities
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Product Description

Technology introduction 
During production of Polyester, there are wastewater that has the big fluctuation of water quantity and quality with high content COD and BOD, which is belong to the high concentration organic wastewater, it is reasonable to adopt the way of Biological treatment.
TL company adopts the best technology ”Anaerobic-Aerobic-biological carbon”, namely A/O/C method,  which is recommended by Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC;
Adopt the 1999 year National Environmental protection of the best practical technology Promotion plan :“UASB-1 type of sewage treatment technology”(Class A) in the process of anaerobic stage, based on this technology, TL company organized the scientific researchers to do the many experiments for the characteristics of Polyester, so TL company have made the successful improvement on the structure of project, equipment specification and technology process etc, and developed the TL company of patent products the equipment for anaerobic treatment of of wastewater from chemical fiber production, this technology has the these advantages:
    1, covering small land area 
    2, the technology is advanced technical performance
    3, mature technology
    4, less investment
    5, high efficiency
    6, easy operation and management
    7, short operation period can reduce the investment and working cost, and can ensure that the treatment of wastewater is stable and long term working in standard.   
  This kind of technology and process performance have reached the domestic advanced level of similar project, it represents the development trend of sewage treatment. 
Technological process
Impurity removal→Aeration→Acidification,Hydrolysis→Oxidative decomposition→Solid liquid separation→adsorption,filtration,Biochemical degradation→Backwash→Digestion and decomposition→discharge