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Quick Granula r/ Powder Agrochemicals Enriched Superphosphate Fertilizer ESP / DSP / SP
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    US $ 150.00 - 456.00 / Ton(s)
  • Min. Order
    54 Ton(s)
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    T/T, L/C
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    Fangcheng, Qinzhou Port Or customized
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    7 days after payment
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    Enriched Superphosph...
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    Yunnan, China (Mainla...
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    Mai Xiang Bao
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Product Description

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Net weight 50kgs per bag. Lined with polyethylene plastic bag, coat plastic woven bag packing; 25 T per 20ft container; or as per customer' demand.
Delivery Detail:Shipped in 7 days after payment

ESP/DSP/SP Fertilizer
Enriched Super Phosphate ESP
Double Super Phosphate DSP
Super Phosphate SP

Total P2O5  %MIN36.0
Available P2O5  %MIN32.0
Water Soluble P2O5  %MIN27.0
Free acid  %MAX5.0
Moisture  %MAX4.0
Particle Size(2-4mm) %MIN90.0
Average strength(N)  ≥12

1.Usage: It can be used as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and complementary fetilizer, also as raw material of compound fertilizers.
2.Using Guide: ESP performs better when used as base fertilizer than as complementary fertilizer.      
Enriched Super Phosphate (ESP) is a kind of fine quality phosphorus fertilizer launched in market in recent years.
DSP is of grey or grey-white powder or granule. Its essential components are soluble mono-calcium phosphate [(H2PO4)2•H2O] and calcium sulfate [Ca SO4•2H2O].
The Total P2O5 ≥ 20% ~ 38%
Available P2O5 ≥ 18% to 36%, which is a water soluble phosphate-based fertilizer with high nutrient and good efficiency for improvement of soil conditions.
ESP (Fruits and Vegetables)
Watermelon:From pour Man(the rattan starts climbing ground) to arrive the first pistillate flower is before opening long(stretch) the Man expect, in this period, at root urea or the foundation of carbon An up, spray this the article is two, can promote lord Man(namely lord rattan) stanza elongation speed, the blade number increases, the Man leaf grows bushiness, beneficial bloom in advance.The pistillate flower opens into small melon to"fade in color" to a fruit to expect and spray with this article in this period two, can help the fruit to increase, melon form the circle is whole, raise watermelon merchandise value.
Cucumber:Start a flower to expect to start spraying first time, hereafter adopt a batch of melons to spray once each time, can exaltation the melon lead above 10%, Ji type melon decrease, merchandise melon exaltation.
Green bean and long bean Cape:The efflorescence expects to spray first time, hereafter adopt a batch of bean pods to spray once each time, can not only raise yield, but also make bean pod postpone aging.(namely the fiber turns)
The enriched superphosphate is suitable for various soils and plants, especially for those in the north of China, which can yield a special effect hard to be achieved by other fertilizers. Therefore, the product is expected to be a preference among various fertilizers to realize high yield, high quality, and high efficiency. The enriched phosphate can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing or raw material of the compound (mixed) fertilizer.
Granular soild of light acidity and moisture absorption , and in color of gray or dark brown. It loses moisture when heated (100°c) and easily caked after being wetted.
The same as that of the SSP, however the application rate of the fertilizer can be scaled down according to the content of the total P2O5.
To maintain the integrity of the packaging in delivery, store in cool and ventilated place, avoid touching acid or alkaline, keep away from fire.
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Yunnan MingCheng Fertilizer Co .,Ltd is phosphate fertilizers manufacturer located in Yunnan, China.Our enterprise is an integrated enterprise consisting of a number of subsidiaries,including Anning Ruitai fertilizer Trading Co.,Ltd.,Haikou Ore Processing Plantation and Mingcheng Lancang Forestry. Our enterprise specializes in the production and sales of fertilizer. The main products are kinds of compound fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers such as NPK,TSP,FMP,SSP,DSP,MAP,DAP and Urea,etc.Our enterprise is focusing on domestic fertilizer sales and providing agrochemical service,while we deal with ore processing to satisfy the needs of various customers. In addition, we also engaged in the forestry and timber.
Since her establishment, our fertilizer products have been exported to South Asia, South-east Asia,Middle-east countries,and South & North America.our enterprise has won top praises and excellent evaluations from both old and new customers with our good reputation and qualified services.We are continuing with our efforts,sincerity and open mind,to win your trusts and supports,and to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your esteem company.
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We supply MAP for 6 years. It is exported to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and many other countries for its good quality and reputation.
We supply all types of fertilizer such as Urea, SSP, ESP, TSP, FMP, DAP, MAP and etc. If you want to know more details, please contact me at your convenience!
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Good Quality -- The most important factor we care.
Competitive Price -- For our mutual benefit.
Prompt delivery -- Abundant production ability, storage ability and manpower.
Professional -- From14 years of experience.
Excellent Service -- Customer always first.

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