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Instant Bike Motorcycle Bicycle Puncture Tyre Repair Fix Sealant
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  • Min. Order
    2500 Piece(s)
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    T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
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    HK or Shenzhen
  • Delivery Time
    25 days after payment
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  • Weight:
    280 g
  • Use:
    tyre repair
  • Expiration Date:
    2 years
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  • Certificate:
    MSDS and ISO
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Product Description


This material adopts professional hi-tech foam know-how, it adopts imported natural high molecular material and special ingredients finely selected. It is widely applicable for kinds of electric bike, motorcar and automobile’s tires. It has special function for 1-5mm tire acanthopore. It’s a necessary safety equipment with bikes and cars.



Reference for fillin

Bike or pedicab: 100-250grs

Motor car’s vacuum tire: 400-500grs

Motorcar’s inner tube: 250-350grs

Motorcar’s tubeless: 750-1000grs

Car: 500-1000grs

Camion: 1000-2000grs

Utility Vehicles: 2000-5000grs


1. Non-flammable(Non-flammable type), repair the tire in moment, special formula.

2. Easy to use, no extra tools needed.

3. Fast, can repair the tire with seconds with gas filling

4. Convenient, for urgent repair, reduce potential safety hazard in communication

5. All purpose, suitable for all vacuum tire and non-vacuum tires

6. Well sealed, can seal 6mm for temporary repairing

7. Cool down, after adding this material, can reduce the tire’s temperature 3-5C degrees

8. Environmental, adopts environmental and biodegradable material, no poison to nature.

9. Safety: adopts special anti-corrosive ingredients to prevent damage on hub.



1. Don’t remove the hard from tire which arise tire leakage, shake well before using

2. Open the cap, connect the tube with the wheel valve. (some tire shall remove the hub cap, if has valve cap, remove it)

3. The material shall be held in high position, press the can’s button to press the material into the tire till the tire seal above the horizon (ensure the tire has 1.5kg-2kg pressure), don’t press too much, don’t add oxygen.

4. Loosen the button, get off the tube from the valve, drive the auto/bike for about 1-2km, let the liquid distributing evenly inside the tire to form a protective film.

5. The material is for temporary repairing, the auto/bike shall drive to service shops for further repair or tire-replacing.