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Detachable flexible heat insulation cover
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Product Description

The high and low temperature resistance, fire insulation materials; a lining, intermediate insulation layer and outer protective layer etc.; piping or equipment according to the shape and use of the environment, through surveying and mapping design, through a special production process. Is the current high-grade pipeline, equipment insulation materials insulation. It can be used in different temperature, different shapes of the pipe and a variety of hot and cold equipment insulation. For the regular removal, maintenance, cleaning pipeline equipment is particularly practical. Its comprehensive economic benefit is good. Is an ideal choice for industrial energy-saving insulation!

First, product performance:

1, good insulation effect, high and low temperature resistance (resistance to low temperature of -70 DEG C high temperature 1000 DEG C)

2, good chemical stability, resistance to various chemical corrosion; anti moth and mildew proof.

3, the fire is not burning (fire a class, B1 class optional)

4, resistance to aging, weather resistance

5, waterproof, anti oil: with good water repellent properties, anti oil

Three, product features:

1, thermal insulation effect is good.

2, easy to remove, easy to install, easy to clean the pipeline equipment, convenient maintenance.

3, can be repeated use, long life.

4, high strength, both soft and flexible, easy to bend.

5, can be tailored according to the needs of thermal insulation parts, processing non-standard products.

6, product adaptability: suitable for different temperature, different shape of the pipeline equipment insulation.

7, environmental protection, no pollution: no asbestos and any other harmful substances, the people and the environment is completely harmless.

8, the product appearance is beautiful and clean, the surface can be cleaned.

9, improve the working thermal environment, prevent personnel burns.

10, make your company's image, and products more competitive.

Four, performance index:

1, thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/M / K- 0.045 W/M / K + 0.005 (under normal temperature)

2, high and low temperature: high temperature of 1000-280 DEG C, low temperature minus 70 DEG C

Cold type A

(B) low temperature type (using temperature below 300 C);

(C) medium temperature type (using temperature above 300---600 C).

(D) high temperature type (using temperature above 600 degrees Celsius).

3, flame retardant properties: non combustible (fire a class, GB8624-2006, German standard DIN4102, A1 class)

4, density: 110-220Kg/m

5, thickness: 10-150MM

6, moisture absorption rate: < 5%

Five, the main application:

Detachable pipe insulation sleeve (insulation, clothing) is the high-grade pipeline and equipment insulation materials, thermal equipment widely used in petroleum chemical industry, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, building, spinning, kiln, papermaking, pharmaceutical, marine, tire, nuclear power and other areas of thermal insulation and pipe insulation, HVAC thermal insulation and heat insulation cooling device. It is suitable for all kinds of pipelines, equipment insulation insulation, is an ideal insulation material pipeline equipment! Such as pipe, elbow, flange, valve, mirror, three, chemical reactors, power equipment, nuclear power steam turbine thermal insulation, steel mills, pump head, high temperature meter box, heat exchanger, engine exhaust pipe and other special parts, gas turbine, steam turbine thermal insulation heat insulation, insulation injection molding machine insulation.

Six, major categories:

1, Baoneiwen type: Paul is insulation body temperature, the internal heat generated heat exchange with the outside world (convection, radiation, transfer). To ensure the production of the necessary temperature, so that the maximum use of internal heat to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

2, outside heat radiation type: to prevent a strong external heat radiation, so that outside heat can not be transmitted to the heat insulation body, the impact of the normal operating temperature of the insulation body, and even damage the equipment, parts, instruments, etc..

3, anti freezing type: to prevent the external low temperature effect of heat insulation body inside the working temperature. Mainly used in pipeline, equipment, instrumentation, equipment, anti freeze and process stability, the use of materials and thermal insulation clothing in accordance with the requirements of the site.

4, low temperature and cold protection: to prevent the external heat transfer to the low temperature and cold area.

Seven, the use of matters needing attention:

1, the installation, removal should be opened slowly along the opening direction, can not be rough operation!

2, don't and barbed object contact, so as not to pierce the insulation sleeve (was)