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ABB 07 AB 200 GJV3072413R1 07AB200 Binary Output Module - Relay
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    AB 60 R1 GJV 30 743 6...
Product Description

07 AA 60 R1 GJV 30 743 65 R1 Analog Output Module 

07 AA 61 R1 GJV3074366R1 07AA61R1 Analog Output Module - 4-20ma 

07 AA 62 R1 GJV 30 743 Analog Output Module 

07 AA 63 GJV3074368R1 Analog Output Module 

07 AA 65 R1 GJV 30 743 Analog Output Module 

07 AA 80 GJR5230010R0001 Analog Output Module 

07 AB 200 GJV3072413R1 07AB200 Binary Output Module - Relay 

07 AB 60 R1 GJV 30 743 60 R1 Digital Output Module 

07 AB 61 R1 GJV 30 743 61 R1 Digital Output Module 

07 AB 67 R1 GJV 30 743 64 R1 Relay Output Module 

07 AB 90-S GJR5250800R0101 07AB90-S Digital Output Module 


07 AI 91 GJR5251600R0202 Analog Input Unit 

07 AS 82  Memory Module 

07 BA 60 R1 GJV 30 743 97 R1 Empty Casing For Blank Slots 

07 BE 60 R1 GJV3074304R1 RACK 6 SLOT 

07 BE 62 R1 GJV3074306R1 07BE62R1 Expansion Rack with 10 Slots 

07 BR 60 R1 GJV3074375R1 Decentral I/O Coupler 

07 BR 61 R1 GJV3074376R1 Decentral I/O Coupler 

07 BT 60 R1 GJV3074301R1 07BT60R1 Rack 

07 BT 62 R1 GJV3074303R1 07BT62R1 Basic Module Rack- Slots for 8 I/O 

07 BV 60 R1 GJV 30 743 70 R1 07BV60R1 Bus Coupler Module 

07 CS 61 GJR5240300R0202 Fieldbus Coupler Module 

07 DC 91 GJR5251400R0202 Advant Controller 31 I/O Unit 

07 EA 200 GJV3072418R1 Analog Input Module 

07 EA 60 R1 GJV 30 743 50 R1 Analog Input Module 

07 EA 61 R1 GJV3074351R1 07EA61R1 Analog Input Module- 4-20 ma 

07 EA 62 R1 GJV 30 743 52 R1 Analog Input Module 

07 EA 65 R1 GJV3074359R1 07EA65R1 Analog Input Module 

07 EA 80 GJR52302 Analog Input Module 

07 EA 90-S GJR5251200R0101 07EA90-S Analog Input Module 

07 EB 200 GJV3072411R1 07EB200 Binary Input Module 

07 EB 61 R1 GJV 30 743 41 R1 07EB61R1 Digital Input Module 

07 EB 62 R1 GJV3074342R1 Fast Binary Input Module 

07 EB 90-S GJR5250900R0101 07EB90-S Digital Input Module 

07 EI 60 GJV3074357R1 Interrupt Input 24v DC 

07 ET 83 A  Procontic Cardfile 

07 KP 60 R101 GJV 30 743 60 R101 Communication Module - T200 

07 KP 62 GJR5240400R105 07KP62 Communication Processor - RS232 

07 KP 64 GJR5240600R0101 Communication Processor - RS232 RCOM 

07 KP 90 GJR5251000R0202 RCOM Protocol Master/Slave Interface Module 

07 KP 93 GJR5253200R1161 07KP93B MODBUS Communication Processor, Series 90 

07 KR 220b GJV3072415R1 ABB Procontic Compact Configuration 07KR220b 

07 KR 228 GJV3 0724 01 R1, 07 KR 228 R1 Compact Controller 

07 KR 240 GJV3072402R1 Controller - Basic Configuration 

07 KR 240 R1 GJV3 0724 02 R1, 07 KR 240b Controller - Basic Configuration 220 Vac 

07 KR 240 R2 GJV3 0724 28 R2, 07 KR 240bR2 Controller - Basic Configuration 24 Vdc 

07 KR 264dR1 GJV3072403R1 Basic Configuration Unit 

07 KR 31  Central Unit 

07 KR 91 GJR5250000R0101 Procontic CS31 Central Unit - 90 Series 

07 KT 228 GJV3 0724 17 R1 Basic Configuration Unit 

07 KT 240D R1 GJV3072419R1 Basic Configuration Unit 

07 KT 31 FPR3600228R1202 Central Unit - 30 Series 

07 KT 60 R101 GJV3074381R101 Text Processor Module 

07 KT 92 GJR5250500R Central Unit - 90 Series 

07 KT 94 GJR5252100R0101 Advant Controller 31 Basic Unit 

07 KT 95 GJR5252800R0200 07KT95 Programmable Controller Series 90 

07 KT 97 GJR5253000R0200 Central Unit 

07 MK 62 GATS110143R0002 RS232 Communications Module 

07 NG 60 R1 GJV 30 743 10 R1 Power Supply 

07 NG 61 R1 GJV 30 743 11 R1 Power Supply 

07 NG 63 R1 GJV 30 743 13 R1 Power Supply 

07 NG 63 R2 GJV 30 743 13 R2 Power Supply 

07 NG 66 R1 GJV3074315R1 Power Supply Module 

07 NG 68 R1 GJV3074317R1 Power Supply 

07 NG 82 GJR5215100R3 Procontic Power Supply 

07 PG 200 R1 GJV3 0724 08 R1 Programming Keypad 

07 PG 201 GJV3072409R1 Procontic K200 Programmer 

07 PR 62 R1 GJV 30 743 36 R1 Program Memory (EPROM Module) 

07 PS 60 R1 GJV3074330R1 Program Memory Module 

07 PS 62 R1 GJV 30 743 32 R1 Program Memory Module 

07 PS 62 R2 GJV 30 743 32 R2 Program Memory Module 

07 PS 62 R3 GJV 30 743 32 R3 Program Memory Module 

07 PS 63 R2 GJV 30 743 33 R2 Program Memory Module 

07 PS 63 R3 GJV3074333R3 Program Memory - (CMOS-RAM) 

07 PT 40b  Keyboard 

07 SA 93 GATS110058R0402 Positioning Unit 

07 TA 60  RPROM Module 

07 TI 80  Procontic Timer Module 

07 WP 84 R302 GJR5230300R302 07WP84R302 Communications Module 

07 XS 80 GJR5212000R5 Procontic Digital Input Module 

07 YS 80 GJR5212100 Procontic Digital Output Module 

07 YS 81 GJR52221800R2 Binary Output Module 

07 YS 86 GJR5215400R2 Procontic Relay Output Module 

07 ZB 60 GJR5240200R0001 Coupler Module for ABB Fieldbus ZB10 

07 ZB 69 R1 GJV3074379R1 Bus Coupler Card 

07 ZB 69 R2 GJV 30 743 79 R2 Fiber Optic Coupler 

07 ZE 60 R201 GJV3074320R201 Central Unit 

07 ZE 61 R101 GJV3074321R101 Central Unit 

07 ZE 61 R302 GJV3074321R302 Central Unit 

07 ZE 62 R101 GJV 30 743 22 R101 Central Unit 

07 ZE 62 R201 GJV3074322R201 Central Unit 

07 ZE 62 R302 GJV 30 743 22 R302 Central Unit 

07 ZE 63 R302 GJV 30 743 23 R302 Central Unit 

07 ZE 82  Procontic CPU Module 

07 ZE 88 GJR5231800R101 Processor Module 

07 ZG 60 R1 GJV3074356R1 HIgh Speed Counter Module 

07 ZW 80 GJR5215300R2 07ZW80 Procontic B Module 

07BE61R1 GJV3074305R1 Rack 9-Slot 

07NG41  BBC 07NG41 Module 

07PS42  BBC 07PS42 Module 

07PS43  BBC 07PS43 Module 

07PT40  Programmer 

07TI40E GJR2271600R11 BBC 07TI40E Module 

07ZE40E GJR268800R2 BBC 07ZE40E Processor Module 

1049-744  Taylor Transmitter Rack 

109S1814  Cable 

114S866  MOD 30 Battery 

1700DZ10000A  Portable Configurator for Taylor MOD 30 

1700DZ10006A  Portable Configurator for MOD 30 

1700FZ10000A  MOD 30 Portable Memory Module 

1700RZ10005C  Taylor MOD 30  Controller 

1700RZ14004A  Taylor MOD 30 Controller 

1700RZ14005A  Taylor MOD 30 Controller 

1701FZ00001A  MOD 30 Housing 

1701FZ00002  Instrumentation Housing 

1701RZ10003D  MOD 30 XL Controller 

1701RZ14003C  MOD 30 XL Controller 

1701RZ14003D  MOD 30 XL Controller 

1705FZ00001  Bezel 

1705FZ00001A  Bezel = Panel Mount 

1710FZ10000  Memory Module Portable MOD 30 

1711FZ10000C  MOD 30 Portable Memory Module 

1714FZ14100A  Unified Housing with Power Supply 

1720FZ10000A  MOD 30 Standard Termination Panel 

1721NE10551A  Relay Input Module - IDC5L 

1722FZ10000A  Universal Field Input Module 

1730FZ14000A  MOD 30 Termination Board 

1733FZ14000B  MOD 30 Interposing Relay Panel 

1733NZ10201A  MINI-LINK EXT 

1740NZ10004  M/A Station 

1750FZ00999A  MOD 30 Cable 

1772FZ10000  Universal Field Input Board 

1775FZ00050  M/A Station Cable 

1800RZ10010A MOD30ML MOD30ML 

1800RZ21100A  MOD 30ML 

1948002  Disk Drive ST-4096 

1948013A1  Disk Controller 

1948517A3  Cable 

1948580A1  Cable 

1948850A1  DIP Shunt Circuit 

1948850A2  DIP Shunt Circuit 

1SBP260010R1001 07KR51 07KR51 Advant Controller 31 Basic Unit 

1SBP260020R1001 07CR41 07CR41 Advant Controller Basic Unit - 24VDC 

1SBP260052R1001 IMMK14N1 IMMK14N1 Avant Controller 31 Remote Unit 

1SNA645524R2300 OBROC Opto Coupler Module 

2001FP17000A  MODCELL Series 2000 Instrument Housing 

2001NZ10801B  MODCELL Series 2000 Controller 

2001NZ10801C  MODCELL Multiloop Processor 

2001PZ10103A  MODCELL Identity Module - Logic Control 

2002AZ10101A  Analog Input Module 

2002AZ10101B  Analog Input Module 

2002PZ10102A  MODCELL Indentity Module 

2003AZ10101A  Analog Output Module 

2004AP10100A  Digital Input Module 

2004AP10140A  Digital Input Module 

2004PZ10103C  MODCELL Indentity Module 

2009AZ10220B  Analog Input Module - RTD 

200-ACN 490176049 ControlNet Remote I/O Adapter 

200-APB12  Profibus Adapter 

200-BPN 492897301 ABB Series 200 Backplane 

200-C1485G 492897601 RS485 Communication Interface Module 

200C-IB10xOB6P 492960133 Digital Input 10 x 24 VDC 

200C-IB16 492933501 Digital Input 16 x 24 VDC/1 x Counter 

200-CICN 492897801 Communication Interface - Control Net 

200-CIE 492897701 Communication Interface Internet 

200C-IE8 492933801 Analog Current Input 8 Channel 

200C-OB16P 492933701 Digital Output 16 x 24 VDC/ Protected 

200C-OE4 492934001 Analgo Current Output 4 Channel 

200-CPU40/40 492913601 SattConn 200 CPU 

200-IE8 490176097, S200-IE8 Analog Input 8 Channel 

200-IT8  8 mV/Thermocouple inputs-type B, C, E, J, K, L, N 

200-PSMG 492898801 Power Supply Module 

200-RANN 492852901 Rack Adaptor Board 

200RB300002C  Micro-Scan 200 Indicating Process Controller 

200-TB3T 490176065 Teminal Block 

2010PZ10000A  MODCELL Portable Memory Module 

2011AZ10100A  Mechanical Relay Output 

2011PZ10103A  MODCELL Module 

2012AZ10101B  Analog Input Module 2-Wire Tx 

2030NZ10000A  MODCELL ICN Communication Module 

2032NZ10000B  MODCELL Communications Module - RS485 

2050RZ21102 MODCELL 2050R MODCELL 2050R Single Loop Controller 

2050RZ23002A  MODCELL 2050 

2050RZ23102 MODCELL 2050R MODCELL 2050R Single Loop Controller 

2050RZ23102A MODCELL 2050 MODCELL 2050 

2050RZ24101 MODCELL 2050R MODCELL 2050R Single Loop Controller 

3BDH000032R1 FI830F Fieldbus Module, Profibus DP 

3BSC950019R1 TK520V030 TK520V030 Serial Printer Cable 

3BSC950098R1  Cable 

3BSE009616R1 TC505K03 TC505K03 Connection Kit 

3BUC980002R0001-D CI560 CI560 TRIO Fieldbus Module 

3HNE06225-1/07 AEXB-02 AEXB-02 Purge Controller 


466C112  Keyboard Cover for 6053TZ Keyboard 

4675/500  4600 Turbidity Panel Mount Instrument 

4921656-01 L51/1 492720201/3EG SattBus Interface Module 

4925499-01 SDA SattCon 05 Slimline SDA Module 

492559802  SattControl Module 

492620802 SD32D SattCon05 Slimline SD32D Module 

492620902 SDA SattCon05 Slimline SDA Module 

492706901 SCOP45 SattControl OP45 

492734602/4EM 492724101/-FC CU45 CPU Module 

492837402 SCOP45/DX485G SattControl OP45 - DX485G 

492840101 CU05-45/SDA SattCon 05 Slimline SDA Module 

6000BA10511A IAC5 IAC5 AC Input Module 

6000BB14511A IAC5 Taylor IAC5  Input Module 90-140 VAC/DC 

6000BB14531A IDC5 Input Relay Module IDC5 

6000BD10531  Relay Input Module 

6000BE14551 6000BE14551A Relay Input Module - IDC5L  6000BE14551A 

6001BA10511 OAC5 OAC5 Relay Output Module 

6001BA14511 OAC5 OAC5 Relay Output Module 

6001BA14521A OAC5A OAC5A Output Relay Module 

6001BD14541A ODC5 ODC5 Output Module 

6001BD14571 ODC5A ODC5A DC Output Module 

6001CZ00110  Keyboard Interface Cable 

6001NA10900  Multibus Cardfile 

6001NC10900  Multibus Cardfile 

6002BZ10200  Memory Module 

6002CZ02020A  Direct I/O Cable - 20 Foot 

6002CZ02100  Controller I/O Cable 

6002FZ00000  Trackball 

6002NZ10400  Controller Cardfile 

6003BZ10000  Bypass Relay Module 

6003CZ00010  Bulk I/O Interface Cable 

6003NZ10400  Signal Conditioning Cardfile 

6004BZ10200  Controller Processor Module- 68000 

6004BZ10300  Model B Controller CPU, 68020 

6004CZ00010  Video Interface Cable 

6004CZ00040  Video Interface Cable 

6005BZ10000  D/F Module 

6005BZ10001  MOD 300 BOARD 

6006BZ10000  Processor Module - 68000 

6006BZ10002  Processor Module 

6006FZ00000  DCN Cable Adaptor 

6006NA10900  Multibus Split Backplane Cardfile 

6007BD10000  Serial I/O Module - RS232 Only 

6007BE10000  Serial I/O Module 

6007BE10002  Serial I/O Module 

6007BG10000  Serial I/O Module 

6008BZ10000  Video Module 

6008BZ10001  Video Module 

6008BZ10060  Processor Module 

6009BZ10000  D/M Module 

6009BZ10100  D/M Module 

6010BZ10000  SIM Module 

6010BZ10001  SIM Module 

6011BZ10001  MFM Disk Controller Module 

6011FZ00000  Mounting Plate for Terminations 

6012BZ10001  Ethernet Link Controller 

6012BZ10010  Ethernet Link Controller 

6013BZ10000  Ethernet Link Module 

6014BZ10000  Back-up Memory Module 

6014BZ10100  Backup Memory Module 

6014CZ00004  Disk Drive Control Cable 

6014CZ00010  Disk Drive Control Cable - 10 feet 

6015BZ10000  I/O Transfer Module 

6015CZ00010  Disk Drive Data Cable -10 foot 

6015FZ10100  Fan Assembly, 117 Vac, 60 HZ 

6016BZ10000  I/O Extender Module 

6016CZ00012  Cable 

6016FZ10100  Fan Assembly 

6017BZ10400  External Alarm Unit 

6018BZ10200  Memory Expansion Module 

6020FZ00000  Disk Drive Housing 

6020NZ10700  Processor Power Supply 

6020NZ10800  Processor Power Suppy 

6024BP10300 6024BZ10300 Processor Module 68020, 20 Mhz, 8 MB 

6024BZ10100  Processor Module 

6024BZ10300 6024BP10300 Multibus Processor Module - 8MB 20 Mhz 

6024FZ00000  M/A Station Analog Term Panel 

6024NR14130  Power Supply 

6024NS14130  POWER SUPPLY 

6025FZ00000  Shield Grounding Plate 

6026BZ10300  Processor Module, 33 Mhz 8MB 

6026BZ10400  Processor Module, 33 Mhz 16MB 

6027BZ10000  SCSI Disk Controller 

6027CZ00020  Copy Command Interface Cable 

6030TZ10001  PSAP Keyboard 

6033FP00000 6033FP00000B Trackball 

6037CZ00010  Tape Drive Cable - 10 foot 

6040TZ10002  OCP Keyboard - Portable 

6041DP10100  System Maintenance Terminal 

6041NZ10415  Analog Input Termination Panel - 15 Points 

6041NZ10424  Analog Input Termination Panel - 24 Points 

6041TZ10002  OCP Keyboard - Rail 

6042NB10000  15 Channel TC SM51536 Intelligent Inst Term Panel 

6043NZ10016  16-Channel RTD Input SM51500 Term Panel 

6044NZ10015 SM51514 Pulse Input Termination Panel - SM51514 

6045NZ10424  Digital Termination Assembly 

6046NZ10416  Analog Output Termination Panel 

6050BZ10000  Video Interface Module 

6050CZ10005  AC Power Cable 

6050CZ10010  AC Power Cable 

6050NA10424  Controller Analog Termination Panel 

6050NZ10424  Controller Analog Termination Panel 

6050TZ10001  MOD 300 Keyboard 

6050TZ10002  Keyboard 

6051BZ10000  Keyboard Interface Module - 2 Port 

6051NA10424  Controller Digital Term Panel 

6051NZ10424  Controller Digital Term Panel 

6051TZ10000  ANK Keyboard - Rail Mount 

6052BZ10000  Serial Interface Module 

6052BZ10006  Serial Interface Module 

6052NB10700  Power Strips 

6053BA10000  DCN Interface Module 

6053BC10000  DCN Interface Module -Controller 

6053TZ10002 6053TZ10002E, 6053TZ10002C Universal Keyboard 

6053TZ10003 6053TZ10003E, 6053TZ10003C Universal Keyboard 

6054BZ10000  I/O Interface Module 

6055BZ10000  Ethernet Interface Module 

6055NZ10000  M/A Station Analog Term Panel 

6056BZ10000  SIM Interface Module 

6056BZ10006B  Connector Block w/cable 

6056NZ10000  M/A Station Digital Term Panel 

6060BZ10002  Interface Module 

6060ND10000  Hard Drive - 150 MB Fixed Winchester 

6061BZ10000  DCN Interface Module 

6062NZ10200  Streaming Tape Drive 

6062NZ10300  Archive Streaming Tape Drive -150 MB 

6063NZ10100  540 MB SCSI Disk Drive 

6063NZ10200  2 GB SCSI Disk Drive 

6063NZ10300  SCSI Disk Drive for MOD 300 

6063NZ10400B  SCSI Disk Drive for MOD 300 

6063NZ10500  SCSI Disk Drive - 9 GB 

6063NZ10600  SCSI Disk Drive -36 GB 

6064NZ10000  SCSI DAT Drive 

6064NZ10100  SCSI DAT Drive 

6067CZ00010  MFM Disk Controller Cable 

6069BZ10000  DCN Interface Module 

6070NZ10000  Floppy Disk Drive - 5 1/4 inch 

6073NZ10000A  3.5 Inch Floppy Drive 

6100BZ10010 MP84188T-PGA Analog Input Module 

6101BZ10010 MP8418T-EXP Analog Input Expander Module 

6102BZ10111  MV/TC Analog Input Module - 10 MV 

6102BZ10121  MV/TC Input Module - 20 mV 

6102BZ10131  MV/TC Input Module - 50 MV 

6105BZ10130  RTD Input Module 

6106BZ10010  Pulse Input Module 

6107BZ10010  Digital I/O Module 

6108BZ10060  Analog Output Module 

6151NB10700  Interface Module Chassis -117 Vac 

6152NA10700  Power Distribution Panel 

6152NB10700  AC Power Distribution Panel 

6153NB10700  Remote Interface Module Chassis 

6154BZ10121  TC Signal Conditioning Modue 

6154BZ10141  Thermocouple Module 

6155BZ10110  RTD Signal Conditioning Module 

6155BZ10990A SC8372 SC8372 RTD Transmitter Module 

6157NZ10000  DC Power Distribution Panel 

61615-0-1200000 Digitric 500 Digitric 500 Panel Controller 

6200CP00015 IC660BLC001, 6200CP00015A TRIO Interconnect Cable - 15 inch 

6200CP00036 IC660BLC003 TRIO Interconnect Cable - 36 inch 

6200DP10800 IC660HHM501 Hand Held Monitor 

6202FP00075 IC660BLM508 Bus Terminator 75 Ohm 

6202FP00150A IC660BLM506 Bus Terminator - 150 Ohm (IC660BLM506) 

6202NZ10000  SC Controller Card File - Rack 

6203BZ10000  SC F-Bus Interface Module 

6203FP10800 IC660BSM021 Bus Switching Module 24/48Vdc 

6203FP10900 IC660BSM120 Bus Switching Module 115Vac/125Vdc 

6204BZ10100  SC Controller CPU Module 

6205BZ10000  SC D/F Module 

6208FZ00000A  SC Power Supply Mounting Tray 

6211FZ00000  Blank Plate - I/O Interface Module 

6213FZ00000  Blank Faceplate 

6214BZ10110  SC Backup Memory Module - 8MB 

6214BZ10120  Backup Memory Module 4 MEG 

6215BZ10000  SC I/O Transfer Module 

6215FZ10100  SC Controller Fan Assembly - 117 Vac 

6216BZ10000  SC I/O Extender Module 

6220BZ10701  SS TRIO 

6220BZ10721  SS TRIO 

6224NZ10800  Power Supply 110-240VAC, 50/60HZ 

6225BZ10000  SC Backup Memory Extender Module 

6226BZ10000  SC Direct I/O Module 

6226NZ10400  ABB MOD 300 Slot Power Supply 

6227BZ10100  SC Controller Field Bus Module 1-Ch 

6227BZ10200  SC Controller Field Bus Module 2-Ch 

6228BZ10000  Multibus Fieldbus Module 

6229BZ10100  Multibus Field Bus Interface Module 

6229BZ10200  SC Field Bus Interface Module 

6230BP10710 IC660BBA100 Analog Block 

6230BP10720 IC660EBA100 Electronic Assembly for 6230BP10710 

6230BP10730 IC660TSA100 Terminal Assembly for 6230BP10710 

6230BP10810 IC660BBA020 Block 24/48Vdc Analog 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs 

6230BP10820 IC660EBA020 Electronic Assembly for 6230BP10810 

6230BP10830 IC660TSA020 Terminal Assembly for 6230BP10810 

6230FP10800 IC660BSM021 Bus Switching Module 24/48Vdc 

6231BP10810 IC660BBA024 Block - Analog Current Source 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs 

6231BP10830 IC660TBA024 Terminal Assembly for 6231BP10810 

6231BP10910 IC660BBA104 Block - Analog Current Source 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs 

6231BP10920 IC660EBA100 Electronic Assembly for 6231BP10920 

6231BP10930 IC660TSA100 Terminal Assembly for 6231BP10910 

6232BP10710 IC660BBA103 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Thermocouple Input 6 Channels 

6232BP10720 IC660EBA103 Electronic Assembly for 6232BP10710 

6232BP10730 IC660TBA103 Terminal Assembly for 6232BP10710 

6232BP10810 IC660BBA023 Block 24/48VdcThermocouple Input 6 Channels 

6232BP10820 IC660EBA023 Electronic Assembly for 6232BP10810. 

6232BP10830 IC660TBA023 Terminal Assembly for 6232BP10810 

6233BP10810 IC660BBA021 RTD Block 

6233BP10820 IC660EBA021 RTD Electronic Assembly 

6233BP10830 IC660TBA021 RTD Terminal Assembly 

6233BP10910 IC660BBA101 TRIO Block 115Vac/125Vdc RTD 

6233BP10920 IC660EBA101 RTD Electronic Assembly 

6233BP10930 IC660TBA101 Terminal Assembly for 6233BP10910 

6234BP10910 IC660BBD120 Block High Speed Counter 

6234BP10920 IC660EBD120 Electronic Assembly for 6234BP10910 

6234BP10930 IC660TBD120 Terminal Assembly for 6234BP10910 

6235BP10810 IC660BBA026 Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Inputs 

6235BP10820 IC660EBA026 Electronic Assembly for 6235BP10810 

6235BP10830 IC660TBA026 Terminal Assembly for 6235BP10810 

6235BP10910 IC660BBA106 Current Source Analog Input 

6235BP10920 IC660EBA106 Electronic Assembly for 6235BP10910 

6235BP10930 IC660TBA106 Terminal Assembly for 6235BP10910 

6236BP10810 IC660BBA025 Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Outputs 

6236BP10820 IC660EBA025 Electronic Assembly for 6236BP10810 

6236BP10830 IC660TBA025 Terminal Assembly for 6236BP10810 

6236BP10920 IC660EBA105 Electronic Assembly for 6236BP10910 

6236BP10930 IC660TBA105 Terminal Assembly for 6236BP10910 

6240BP10411 IC660BBD022 Block -  Source I/O 16 Circuits 

6240BP10412 IC660BBD023 Block 24Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits 

6240BP10421 IC660EBD022 Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10411 

6240BP10422 IC660EBD023 Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10412 

6240BP10431 IC660TBD022 Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10411 

6240BP10432 IC660TBD023 Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10412 

6240BP10811 IC660BBD020 ABB TRIO Block 24/48Vdc Source I/O 

6240BP10812 IC660BBD021 Block 24/48Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits 

6240BP10821 IC660BBD020 Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10811 

6240BP10822 IC660EBD021 Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10812 

6240BP10831 IC660TSD020 Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10811 

6240BP10832 IC660TSD021 Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10812 

6241BP10411 IC660BBD024 Block - Source I/O 32 Circuits 

6241BP10421 IC660EBD024 Electronic Assembly for 6241BP10411 

6241BP10431 IC660TBD024 Terminal Assembly for 6241BP10411 

6241BP10812 IC660BBD025 Block 5/12/24Vdc Sink I/O Block 32 Circuits 

6241BP10822  Electronic Assembly for 6241BP10811 

6241BP10832  Terminal Assembly for 6241BP10812 

6245BP10710 IC660BBD101 TRIO Block 115Vac I/O Low Leakage 8 Circuits 

6245BP10720 IC660EBD101 Electronic Assembly for 6245BP10710 

6245BP10730 IC660TSD100 Terminal Assembly for 6245BP10710 

6246BP10810 IC660BBS102 TRIO Block 115Vac/125Vdc 

6246BP10811 IC660BBS103 TRIO Block 115Vac/125Vdc 

6246BP10820 IC660EBS102 Electronic Assembly for 6246BP10810 

6246BP10821 IC660EBS103 Electronic Assembly for 6246BP10811 

6246BP10830  Terminal Assembly for 6246BP10810 

6246BP10831  Terminal Assembly for 6246BP10811 

6247BP10710 IC660BBD110 TRIO Block 115Vac Input 16 Circuits 

6247BP10720 IC660EBD110 Electronic Assembly for 6247BP10710 

6247BP10730 IC660TBD110 Terminal Assembly for 6247BP10710 

6248BP10811 IC660BBR101 Block - Relay Output Normally Open 16 Circuits 

6248BP10812 IC660BBR100 Block Relay Output Normally Closed 16 Circuits 

6248BP10821 IC660EBR101 Electronic Assembly for 6248BP10811 

6248BP10822 IC660EBR100 Electronic Assembly for 6248BP10812 

6248BP10831 IC660TBR101 Terminal Assembly for 6248BP10811 

6248BP10832 IC660TBR100 Terminal Assembly for 6248BP10812 

6252NA10700  SC ACPDP 

6252NB10300  Power Distribution Panel -234V 

6252NB10700  SC AC Power Distribution Panel (115V non-BUPS) 

6253BZ10000  SC DCN Interface 

6303BZ10000A  F-Bus Module 

6632686-50-1  Cable 

6632686A40-1  Cable 

6632686A60-1  Cable 

6632686-A60-1  Cable 

6633644A1  OIS Cable 

6633645A1  Cable 

6634329A34N12  Cable 

6634512A26  Cable 

6634688G1  Termination Motherboard 

6634838A1 6634837B1 Relay Board Assembly 

6635051G1  Power Supply 

6635209A1 UW49 UW49 FLAMON Flame Detector 

6635291C1 6635291C1-25 Flamon Sensor Cable 

6636488A1  Cable 

6636850A1  Bailey Management Command System Keyboard 

6637033A  MCS CPU Module 

6637033A3  MCS CPU Module 

6637258A1  Disk Drive 

6637446A9  Memory Module 

6637460-A30N  Cable 

6637597A24100  Cable 

6637813C1  IEPEP03 Cable 

6637814A2  Cable 

6637826B1  AC Transfer Module 

6637827B1  AC Transfer Module 

6637830E1  Bus Monitoring Module 

6637830G1  Bus Monitoring Module 

6638514A1  Keyboard 

6638553A5 6638553V5 OIS Power Supply 

6638716A1  Cable 

6639030L2  OIS43 Keyboard Interface Assembly 

6639490A1 IEPEP03 Power Entry Panel - Special Dimensions 

6639890A1  Standard Relay Panel 

6640347A1  OIS Card File 

6641684A21  Operator Keyboard 

6642016A2  Relay Panel 

6642016D2  External Relay Panel Termination Unit 

6644177A11  Harmony DC Output Assembly 

6FX1821-0BX13-4B  Sinumerik Memory Module 

6GK1243-0SA00 CP2430 CP2430 AS-Interface Module 

6MT12-40AL  AC Output 

70 AA 02a-E HESG 446433 R1 70 AA 02a-E Analog Output Module 

70 AB 01b-E HESG 446867 R2 70AB01b-E Digital Output Module 

70 AS 04b-E HESG 332140 R1 70 AS 04b-E Motor Control Module 

70 AS 06a-E HESG 332112 R1 70 AS 06a-E Module 

70 AS 32a-E HESG 332121 R1 70 AS 32a-E Module 

70 AS 40b-E HESG332140R1 70 AS 40b-E Module 

70 AS 41b-E  70AS41b-E Module 

70 AS 45b-E HESG 332140 R1 70 AS 45b-E Module 

70 AS 46b-E HESG 332140 R1 70 AS 46b-E Module 

70 AS 47b-E HESG 332140 R1 70 AS 47b-E Module 

70 AS 67a-E HESG 332112 R1 70 AS 67a-E Module 

70 BA 01b HESG 446421 R2 70 BA 01b Module 

70 BK 02a-E HESG 332077 R1 70 BK 02a-E Bus Coupling Module 

70 BL 02C HESG 332157 R2 70 BL 02C Cable 

70 BL 30a HESG 446528 R1 70 BL 30a Module 

70 BL 31a HESG 332123 R3 70 BL 31a Cable 

70 BT 01b HESG 446998 R1 70 BT 01b Bus Transfer Module 

70 BV 01b-E HESG 446421 R1 70 BV 01b-E Bus Module 

70 EA 01b-E HESG 447038 R1 70 EA 01b-E Analog Input Module 

70 EA 02a-E HESG 446409 R1 70EA02a-E Analog Input Module 

70 EA 03a-E HESG 446680 R1 70 EA 03a-E Analog Input Module 

70 EA 04a-E HESG 446542 R1 70 EA 04a-E Module 

70 EA 04b-E HESG 447103 R1 70 EA 04b-E Module 

70 EB 01b-E HESG 447005 R2 70EB01b-E Digital Input Module 

70 EB 02b-E HESG 446889 R4 70 EB 02b-E Digital Input Module 

70 EB 03a HESG 446729 R1 70 EB 03a Dgitial Input Module 

70 ER 01a HESG 446457 R1 70 ER 01a Module 

70 FA 01A HESG 223063 R1 70 FA 01A Intra-Plant Bus Access Coupler 

70 FA 01b HESG 223140 R1 70 FA 01b Intra-Plant Bus Access Coupler 

70 FK 01b HESG 447016 R1 70 FK 01b Module 

70 FK01a HESG446048R1 70FK01a Module 

70 FV 01a-E HESG 332101 R1 70 FV 01a-E Control Module 

70 PR 02a-E HEIE 310247 R1 70 PR 02a-E Processor Module 

70 PR 03c-E HESG 223150 R1 Processor Module 

70 SK 30b-E HESG 446775 R1 70 SK 30b-E Module 

70 SK 31b-E HESG 447060 R1 70 SK 31b-E Module 

70 SK 32a-E HESG 446706 R1 70 SK 32a-E Module 

70 SK 33b-E HESG 446917 R2 70 SK 33b-E Module 

70 SK 34b-E HESG 446760 R2 70 SK 34b-E Coupling Module - Micro Computer 

70 SK 36b-E HESG 446959 R1 70 SK 36b-E Module 

70 SK 37b-E HESG 446764 R2 70 SK 37b-E Coupling Module - Micro Computer 

70 SL 01a HESG 332043 R1 70 SL 01a Simulator Module 

70 VV 01a HESG 447043 R1 70 VV 01a Module 

70 WA 01a-E HESG 446707 R1 70 WA 01a-E Module 

70 WB 01a HESG 446532 R1 70 WB 01a Module 

70AA01a-E  70AA01a-E Module 

70AA02B-E HESG447388R0001 Output Module for Current Signals 

70AB02B-E HESG446933R0002 Output Module with Contacts 

70BA01C-S HESG447260R0002 Bus End Module 

70BK02B-E HESG332160R0001 Local Bus/Intra-Plant Bus Coupler 

70BK03B-E HESG447271R0001 Bus Coupler Local Bus/Serial Interface 

70BT01C  Bus Transmitter 

70BV05A-E HESG447245R0001 Bus Traffic Director 

70EA02A-ES HESG447308R0001 Input Module for 2-Wire Transmitters (x4) 

70EB02C-ES HESG447220R0004 Input Module for Contacts (x16) 

70FV01B-E HESG332164R0001 Intra-Plant Bus Traffic Director 

70PR 03d-E HESG223170R1 70PR03d-E Processor Module 

70PR05B-ES HESG332204R0001 Programmable Processor 

70SL05A HESG332188R0001 Test Module for Signals 

936-026-101  PSBDE Power Supply 

940-002-303  Rack 

940-120-221  RAM30T 128K 

940-122-101  Input Module 

940-185-101  Output Module 

940-195-101  Output Module 

940-305-001  Bad Part Number 

940305001/9EF  PBAD Module 

940305001/9EH  PBAD Module 

941-119-111  ROM30 Module 512K 

9611021-02  CU33 Module 

961-122-001  CU31 Module 

AI210 492953101 Analog Input Module 

AI810 3BSE008516R1 AI810 Analog Input Module 

AI820 3BSE008544R1 AI820 Analog Input Module 

AI830 3BSE008518R1 AI830 Analog Input - RTD 

AI830A 3BSE040662R1 Analog Input Module - RTD 

AI835 3BSE008520R1 AI835 Analog Input Module - TC/MV 

AI845 3BSE023675R1 Analog Input. Redundant Module 

AI890 3BSC690071R1 AI890 Analog Input w/Intrinsic Safety Interface 

AIN-220 PHBAIN22010000 Analog Input Module - Harmony Block I/O 

AIN-300 PHBAIN30010000 Analog Input Block 

Al830A 3BSE040662R1 Analog Input Module - RTD 

AM 811F 3BDH000050R1 AM811F Battery Module 

AO810 3BSE008522R1 AO810 Analog Output Module 

AO810V2 3BSE038415R1 AO810V2 Analog Output Module 

AO820 3BSE008546R1 AO820 Analog Output 

AO845 3BSE023676R1 Redundant Analog Output Module 

AOT-150 PHBAOT15010000 AOT 150 Analog Output Module 

APSAF03 E32086 Safety Board 

AV 02  H&B Contronic AV 02 Module 

AV 31  H&B Contronic AV 31 (AV31) Module 

AV 43  H&B Contronic AV 43 (AV43) Module 

AW 02  H&B Contronic AW 02 Module 

AW 05  H&B Contronic AW 05 Module 

B-5MPBC IIATB05 MouseTRAK Trackball 

BRC-100 P-HC-BRC-10000000 BRC100 Harmony Bridge Controller 

BRC300 PHCBRC30000000 BRC300 Bridge Controller 

BRC400 PHCBRC40000000 BRC400 Bridge Controller 

CI520V1 3BSE012869R1 CI520V1 AF100 Interface Module 

CI522 3BSE012790R1 CI522 AF100 Interface 


CI526 3BSE006085R1 CI526 Interface Module 

CI532V02 3BSE003827R1 MODBUS Interface 

CI532V04 3BSE003829R1 Allen-Bradley Interface 

CI540 3BSE001077R1 CI540 S100 I/O Bus Extension 

CI560 3BUC98002R0001 TRIO Field Bus Interface Module 

CI570 3BSE001440R1 CI570 MasterFieldbus Controller 

CI627  CI627 Communication Interface Module 

CI801 3BSE022366R1 Profibus DP-VI Communication Interface Module 

CI810B 3BSE020520R1 AF100 Field Communication Interface 

CI810V1 3BSE008584R1 CI810V1 AF100 Field Communcation Interface 

CI820 3BSE013200R1 CI820 S800 Redundant FCI 

CI820-1 3BSE013201A1 CI820 Internal Module 

CI820-2 3BSE013202A1 CI820 Internal Module 

CI820V1 3BSE025255R1 Redundant FCI 

CI830 3BSE013252R1 ABB Profibus DP Communications Interface 

CI840 3BSE022457R1 Redundant Profibus Communications Interface 

CI840A 3BSE041882R1 Profibus Communication Interface - Redundant 

CIC01  Computer Interface Module 

CLC01  Bailey Controller Loop Command 

CLC03  Controller Loop Command 

CLC04  Command Loop Controller 

CS512 3BUR980009R1 CS512  DCN Interface Module 

CS513K02 3BSE004773R1 MasterBus 300E Communications Module 

CSC01  Loop Command Sequence Controller 

CT 370a GJR2 237500 R1 CT 370a Module 

CTT01  Configuration Tuning Terminal 

CTT02  Handheld Configurator Tuning Terminal 

DAI 01  DAI01 Analog Input Module 

DAI 04  Analog  Input Module 

DAI 05 336025 DAI 05 Analog Input Module 

DAO 01  DAO 01 Analog Output Module 

DC 371a GJR2 237100 R1 DC 371a Module 

DCO 01 0369666 DCO01 Serial Interface Module 

DCP 02 369654 DCP 02 CPU Module 

DCP 10 37211-4-0338701 DCP 10 CPU Module 

DD 371a HEIE 420334 R1 DD 371a Module 

DDI 01  DDI 01 Digital Input Module 

DDO 01  DDO 01 Digital Ouput Module 

DDO 02  DDO 02 Digital Ouput Module 

DFC 01 37261-4-0369529 FieldController Main Board 

DFE 01 37262-4-0369565 Ethernet Module 10Base2 

DFM 11 37262-4-0369575 Profibus DPV1 Module 

DFM02  DFM 02 Serial Fieldbus Module 

DFP 01 37264-4-0369562 FieldController Power Supply Module 

DI210 492953401 Digital Input Module 

DI801 3BSE020508R1 S800 Digital Input Module 

DI810 3BSE008508R1 DI810 Digital Input Module 

DI814 3BUR001454R1 DI814 Digital Input Module 

DI820 3BSE008512R1 DI820 Digital Input, 120 Vac 

DI821Z 3BSE035380R1 Digital Input Module - 230VAC 

DI890 3BSC690073R1 DI890 Digital Input w/ Intrinsic Safety Interface 

DIO-400 PHBDIO40010000 Digital I/O Module - Harmony Block I/O 

DLM 01  DLM01 Link Module 

DO0116 FDO0116 Digital Output Module 

DO210 492953501 Digital Output Module 

DO801 3BSE020510R1 S800L DO801 Digital Output 

DO802 3BSE022364R1 S800L DO802 Digital Output, Relay. 

DO810 3BSE008510R1 DO810 Digital Output Module 

DO814 3BUR001455R1 DO814 Digital Output Module 

DO820 3BSE008514R1 Digital Output Relay Module - N.O. 

DO86-16 57275758 DMC Digital Output Module 

DO890 3BSC690074R1 DO890 Digital Output w/ Intrinsic Safety Interface 

DOC-01  Output Module 

DOT100 PHBDOT10010000 DOT-100 Digital Output Block 

DPW 01 P3761158018181 Power Supply 

DPW 02  Power Supply - 24 Vdc Input 

DPW03 P37611-5-8018644 Power Supply Module 

DRA 02  DRA 02 Card Rack 

DSAI 133 57120001-PS Analog Input Board 32 Channels 

DSAI110 57120001-DP DSAI 110 Analog Input Module 

DSAI130 57120001-P Analog Input Module 

DSAI145 5712001-HA RTD Input Module 

DSAI146 3BSE007949R1 RTD Input Module 

DSAI155 57120001-HZ Thermocouple Module 

DSAI155A 3BSE014162R1 Thermocouple Module 

DSAO 110 57120001-AT Analog Output Module 

DSAO 130 57120001-FG DSAO130 Analog Output Board 16 Channels 

DSAO120 57120001-EY DSAO 120 Analog Output Module 8 Channels 

DSAO120A 3BSE018293R1 Analog Output Board 

DSAX452  DSAX-452 Analog Remote I/O Module 

DSBB110 57330001E ABB Master Shield Board 

DSBB110A 57330001-Y ABB Master Shield Module 

DSBC110 57310256E1 DSBC 110 Bus Termination Module 

DSBC111 57310256K1 DSBC 111 Bus Back Plane 

DSBC172 573100001-KD/5 DSBC172 Bus Repeater Module 

DSBC173 57310001-KH DSBC 173 Bus Extender S100 I/O Bus 

DSBC173A 3BSE005883R1 Bus Extender S100 I/O Bus 

DSCA114 57510001-AA DSCA 114 Communication Board 

DSCS140 57520001-EV MasterBus 300 Communication Module 

DSDI 110 57160001-A/13,57160001-A Digital Input Module 

DSDI 110A 57160001-AAA DSDI110A S100 Digital Input Module 

DSDO 115  DSDO115 S100 Digital Output Module 

DSDO 120 57160001-AK DSDO120 Digital Output Module 

DSDO 131  DSDO131 Digital Output Board, Relay 

DSDO110 57160001-K DSDO 110 Digital Output Board 

DSDP150 57160001-GF Pulse Counting and Positioning Module 

DSDX110 YB161102-AH/3 DSDX 110 Digital I/O Board 

DSDX180 3BSE003859R1 Digital Input/Output Module 

DSDX180A 3BSE018297R1 Digital Input/Output Module 

DSDX452 5716075-P Basic I/O Unit 

DSDX-B001 57160001-TP/1 Digital I/O Module 

DSMB110 5736 0001A/4 DSMB 110 Memory Module 

DSMB112 57360001EV/1, 57360001EV/2 DSMB 112 Memory Module 

DSMB115 57360001-CO/5 DSMB 115 Memory Module 

DSMB116 5736 0001-EB/2 DSMB 116 Memory Module 

DSMB123 5736 0001-AH3 DSMB 123 Memory Module 

DSMB124 57360001-U/3 DSMB 124 Memory Module 

DSMB-124 57360001-U/3 DSMB 124 Memory Module 

DSMB125 5736001-AW/3 DSMB 125 Memory Module 

DSMB127 57360001-HG/2 DSMB 127 64KB Memory Board 

DSMB133 5736 0001-CY DSMB 133 Memory Module 

DSMB137 5736 0001-FA DSMB 137 Memory Module 

DSMB144 5730032G ABB Master DSMB 144 Memory Module 

DSMB151 5736 0001-K DSMB 151 Memory Module 

DSMB175 5736 0001-KG DSMB 175 Memory Module 

DSMB176 57960001-HX DSMB 176 Memory Module 

DSMC110 57330001-N/4 DSMC 110 Floppy Disk Interface Board 

DSMD112  Floppy Disk Unit 

DSPA110 YB161102-AK/2 DSPA 110 Axis (slave) Computer Module 

DSPC 153 57310256-BA/2 Processor Module 

DSPC 452 57310303-A DSPC 452 Programmable Controller Basic Unit 

DSPC-150 57310256-AF/2 DSPC 150 Module 

DSPC155 57310001CX5 DSPC 155 CPU Module 

DSPC157 57310001-GP DSPC 157 Processor Board 

DSPC172 57310001-ML DSPC172 ABB Master CPU Module 

DSPC172H 57310001-MP/2 DSPC172H ABB Master CPU Module 

DSPU131 3BSE000355R1 DSPU131 Module for Engineering Station 

DSQC 123B YB161102-CC Exciter Module 

DSQC 124 YB161102-BU Terminal Module 

DSQC 125 YB161102-BR/1 Relay Module 

DSQC 202 YB560103-AC/5 Robot Computer 

DSQC 210 YB560103AM DSQC 210 Safety Module 

DSQC 223 YB560103 BD/4 ABB Robotics Digital I/O Module 

DSQC 236B YB560103-CB/8 Drive Unit 

DSQC 236C YB560103-CC/10 Drive Unit 

DSQC 236D 3HAB2207-1 Drive Unit 

DSQC 317 3HAB2220-1 DSQC317 Memory Module - 6MB 

DSQC 350 3HNE00025-1/07 DSQC 350 I/O Board 

DSQC 361 3HAC0373-1 Main Computer Board 

DSQC103 YB161102-AD/1 DSQC 103 Resolver Exciter Board 

DSQC129 YB161102-BV/1 DSQC 129 RD/DA Converter Board 

DSQC209 YB560103-AL Analog Module 

DSQC228  Safety Board 

DSQC236G YB560103-CD/22 ABB Robot Axis Drive Board 

DSQC239  Robotic Remote I/O Module 

DSQC249B 3HAA3563-AHA/1 ABB Robot Rectifier Unit 

DSQC252  Safety Board 

DSQC-256A 3HAB2211-1/1 DSQC256A Sensor Module 

DSQC259 3HAB2205-1 Noise Eliminator Module 

DSQC266A  DSQC 266A Servo Module 

DSQC315 3HAB22141-1/2 Combination I/O Module 

DSQC-321  Memory Module 4MB 

DSQC326 3HAB2242-1 CPU Module 

DSQT239 E31990 Remote I/O Module 

DSRB110 52841637G Slot Filler Module 

DSRF150 57310255A Rack 

DSRF160 57310255V Rack 

DSRF180A 57310255-AV MasterPiece Card File