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E-glass Needled Mat Thermal Insulation Exhaust System Insulation mat
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    Needle Mat
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    Continuous Filament M...
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Product Description

The glassfiber needle mat is made of the E-glass fiber with finer filament by needle mat manufacturing machine. Tiny voids formed in the manufacturing process impart excellent heat insulation property to the product. The non-binder content insulation and electrical properties of E-glass make the needle mat an outstanding and environmental friendly product within the insulation material field.

Product process

1. Prepare raw material
2. Get the raw material fluffy by machine
3. Forming laminate by machine
4. Needle punch
5. Package     

Product advantage

1.Heat performance light performance:Inorganic, non-combustibility
2.The coefficient of linear thermal expansion:48X10-6cn/cm/°C
3.Specific heat:0.19cal/9°C
4.Heat exchange rate:0.19kcal/m.h°C
5.Softening temperature:850°C
6.Refractive index:(25°C):1.55
7.Mechanical Properties:fiberglass bears high tensile strength and stablility
8.High tensile strength:350kg/mm2
9.Modules of elasticity:7300kg/mm2
10.Elongation at 25°C:4.8%

Product application

1. Fiberglass needled mat was immerged into resin and in shape of board. Can be applied to heat and sound insulate of building, Gaskets for air conditioning.
2. Fiberglass needled mat faced aluminum foil or plastic cloth and made in shape of belt. It has good performance on heat insulation and protection for heat & cold pipeline, underground pipeline.
3. Fiberglass needled mat has excellent performance on heat insulation efficiency, fire proof, non corrosiveness. It can be applied to automotive catalytic converter, Marine industrial, boiler, also suitable to home appliances. It can replace asbestos product. Acoustic performance of E-fiberglass Needle Mat has an excellent noise isolation capacity, absorbs noise and also vibration.