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M08/B283 Professional Audio MID Bass 16 Ohm Speaker Woofers
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    stage passive
Product Description

Professional Audio Mid Bass 16 Ohm Speaker Woofers

Product main features:
- 550Watts RMS power
-97dB Sensitivity 1w/1m
- 41Hz-2.2K Hz Frequency range
- 100mm inside/outside copper voice coil with polyimide fiberglass former 
- High flexibly M-roll cloth surround with deep corrugation for extended Xmax
- Reinforced Conex spider to improve the linearity control
- Dual-force air ventilation and 16mm back plate for minimum power compression
- Double treated cone for water protection
-- terrific subwoofer of compass bass relex

We are a PA speaker factory of more than 13 years in Panyu,Guangzhou,China,occupying 2000 square meters with 3 production lines.We make Pro audio speakers from small sizes upto 24 inch.

R& D Capacity:
In the R&D, Hipower's experienced engineers and technicians carry out researches on new materials.state-of-art components and advacned product designs with the help of an anechoic chamber,test instruments and simulation sofwares.

Ever since 2003, we have been exporting to many countries, including southeast Asia, Europe, North Ameria and South America.
Speaker's Details:

General Specifications
Nominal Diameter200/8mm/inch
Rated Impedance16ohm
Nominal Power handling150Watts
Program Power300Watts
Frequency Range61-5.8KHz
Minimum Impedance(Zmin)14.7ohm
Voice Coil Diameter50/2mm/inch
Voice Coil MaterialCopper Clad Aluminum
Voice Coil Winding Depth13.5mm
Number of layers2
Magnet gap depth8mm
Cone ShapeCurved
Surround ShapeM-roll
BasketCast Aluminum
Flux Density1.0T
Magnet Material/MassCeramic/1.23kg

Mounting Information
Overall Diameter205.5*234.5mm
Bolt Circle Diameter217mm
Bolt Hole Diameter5mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter184.5mm
Overall Depth95.5mm
Net Weight3.5kg


Thiele-Small parameters
Resonance frequencyFs61Hz
DC resistanceRe13ohm
Mechanical factorQms6.3
Electrical factorQes0.49
Total factorQts0.45
Mechanical complianceCms0.43mm/N
Mechanical resistance
of suspension losses
Effective Moving MassMms15.9gr
Half-space efficiencyEff1.3%
BL FactorBL12.7T.m
Equivalent Cas air loadVas29liters
Effective piston areaSd0.0222m2
Max.linear excursionXmax5mm
Voice-coil inductanceLelK0.9mH