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Active Lime Rotary Kiln with Refractory Bricks
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    Lime Plant
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Product Description

Calcined lime is the most important process in the production process of lime, the lime kiln is the core equipment of lime calcining process, for the limestone or dolomite and other raw materials into the lime calcined. Lime rotary kiln is of high yield, good product quality, mechanization, high degree of automation, the most lime factory.

(1) With advanced structure, and combined with the vertical preheater pressure loss and effectively improves the preheating effect, after being preheated limestone kiln decomposition rate can reach 20-25%, and can directly use the 10-15mm fine grained limestone;

(2) using three-dimensional design and simulation calculation, optimizing the structure of main parts design, complete sets of equipment, more cost-effective;

(3) the material and processing technology with good performance, to ensure smooth operation, reliable use;

(4) at the two end of rotary kiln is a combined scale reliable sealing, greatly reducing the air leakage;

(5) convenient operation of maintenance, and greatly reduces the amount of repair.

Limestone is 1150 degrees Celsius kiln flue gas heated to 900 degrees Celsius in preheater, about 30% decomposition, the hydraulic push rod into the lime rotary kiln, limestone in the rotary kiln sintering is decomposed into CaO and CO2. After the formation of limestone decomposition into cooler, the cold air is blown into the cooler cooling to 100degrees Celsius discharge. After 600 degrees Celsius hot air heat exchange into the kiln and gas mixing combustion. Gas in the mix cold air by the fan bag type dust collector, the exhaust fan into the chimney.

Technical Parameters of Active Lime Rotary Kiln 

specificationsyieldspeed(rpm)Bearing number(a)reducerMotor modelpower
Φ2.8x43m8.30.62-1.53host zs165-6host YCT355-4B75
ssist zs50-1ssist Y160L-611
Φ3.0x50m9.40.5-1.53host zs165-3host ZSN4-280-11B125
ssist zl50-1ssist Y160L-611
Φ3.2x50m10.40.4-1.53host zl130-16host ZSN4-280-11B125
ssist zl50-10ssist Y180L-422
Φ3.3x55m12.50.92-2.743host nzs995-45vblhost ZSN-280-11B125
ssist ZL42.5-10.2ssist Y160L-411