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Factory car bench with CE frame machine pulling machine
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    US $ 4800.00 - 5600.00 / Piece(s)
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    1 Piece(s)
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    T/T, L/C, D/P
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    30 days after payment
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    TECHER 2
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Product Description

Feature :

1. The quick-repair expert of TECHER series can lower down to only 120 mm, therefore it can make us drive autos onto the bench easily. Besides, it can come with other repair equipments.
2. Bench, made from cold drawing high-alloy steel, is extremely strong. Inner and outer tracks are made from square steel. With all these materials, we guarantee the whole bench's durability and safety.
3. Main clamps are very convenient to fix. The mouth of clamp is made from 35Crm.
4. Post with wide working range is strong, precise, safe as well as durable.
5. ENERPAC hydraulic system from America can provide strong power and is very durable.
6. Equipped with precise two-dimension measuring system, TECHER 2 will help you to handle the measuring work easily.
7. Rich high-tensile pulling clamps and accessories can meet the pulling repair demands of autos in different shapes and improvework efficiency.

 Specification of special performance
1.Four supporting arms with rubber mat make it more convenient to lift vehicles and avoid the damage of the supporting part of chassis.
2.One-screw-locking features easy operation and firm fixing and can effectively avoid the replacement of main clamp basement during pulling.
3.Double 20t cylinders provide strong power to guarantee easy lift.
clamp basement during pulling.
4.Down-pull set makes it more convenient to repair the chassis of vehicles.
sement during pulling.
5.High-intensity multi-angle heavy-duty post, one-place locking, multi-angle pulling range, strong and fast.
6.High lift capacity, safe lift and drop high speed draw aligner, 360° pull, easy to fix, fully meets the requirements for quick repair.
7.Main configuration:
Measuring system
MEASURE high-precision wheelbase measuring system----the most practical measuring system, can precisely measure vehicle's chassis as well as any part of it conveniently. Besides it can also be applied as assistant measuring device in wheel aligning. Presently all those factories selling whole-vehicles adopt point to point data base and all those data books also show point to point data. M3 is swiftest, the most precise and most intuitionist as well as convenient.
Data Disc(total 2, one is data of auto, the other is for operation)
Data of CD: Offer by America Mitchell. The company provides a global model database contains a model of the mainstream of the data. Doocar company also provides the data of our homeland autos, provide lots work convenience.