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RD﹣DL2AC+D electric hunting vehicle/cart AC system standard configuration
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Product Description

Model RD-DL2AC+D

Remarks and notes


AC 4kw (with electromagnetic brake)


USA CURTIS:1234-5271

Rear axle

CVT rear axle (exclusive imported product)


Non-contact angle sensor accelerator (completely sealed/patent product)

Steering system

Dual direction gear, rack steering system (automatic gap compensation function)

Front cushioning

Independent suspension spring hydraulic cushioning (independent suspension)

Rear cushioning

Independent suspension spring hydraulic cushioning (semi-independent suspension)

Vehicle exterior trimming

PP engineering plastic, mold tinting


Digital instrument, electric meter, speed forward, backward, fast speed, slow speed display


Low back soft seat


Hunting vehicle 23*10-14 wheel, better wear resistance

Brake system

Dual security by electric brake and hydraulic disc brake on four wheels, bring safer braking results (automatic parking, patent product)

Vehicle color

Ordinary color, special colors will incur additional charge

Bottom plate

PP battery plastic bottom plate (anti-rust, anti-corrosion)


High strength aluminum structural main girder (solid, durable, anti-corrosion)

Electric start lock

Imported components

Forward/backward gear switch

Imported components

Ground clearance

390 mm

Front/back wheel width

1270 mm front/ 1250 mm back

Wheel base

1650 mm

Minimum turning radius

2.6 m

Highest forward speed

18-40 km/h adjustable, configured for fast and low gear



Range (flat ground)

100-120 km

Net weight

255 kg

Vehicle dimension (L*W*H)

2480*1320*2000 mm

Tow truck switch

Easier, faster check and repair

Rear view mirror

Rear view mirror

Wheel rim

Steel rim

Wind shield

One piece




The ALU AC electric vehicles to carry current to the load current is small than the golf cart running to climb the 20 ° slope (load 4 persons, the initial instantaneous current), for example, The ALU AC vehicle motor running current is 120-160A; DC He Reed car is 180-300A.


①AC car acting power is large, and the current running current is small.


②The ALU unique design of the automatic control system, compared with the imported EZG brand new AC electric vehicles is more energy efficient; strong climbing ability, uphill start non-slip; downhill automatic deceleration, brake safe and reliable; accelerate the smooth operation, low noise; shock resistance, corrosion resistance, the direction of light superior performance!


To sum up: Select RUIDA ALU AC vehicles, and its superior operating performance, investment of 70 units of the exchange of electric vehicles, compared with an investment of 100 DC electric cars, dramatically reducing the investment in fixed assets amounted to more than 30%.