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Roller door plastic pulley wheel
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Product Description

Special requirements should counterparts, Kuaiyi door industry under the original material re-open mode, the production is dedicated to the Australian-style gate of high strength plastic pulley wheel.

   High-strength plastic pulley wheel - Australian-style roller door important accessories. Because the whole weight of all attached to the door several rounds above Therefore, the wheel is very strict. The market for the pursuit of high profits, material saving, wheel timber do not pay attention, thin and brittle, in 2012 after the burst, fracture, seriously affecting the user life safety.
   Also some use of galvanized sheet steel produced by the wheel, but users in use for some time and the wheel are often out the door. Because the door is self-tapping screws directly through the cohesion between the wheel and wheel galvanized material does not contain self-tapping screws bite force, therefore, in use for some time the door and naturally loose from the flywheel.
   According to the company's long-term experience, through comparison and elimination election, polyamide and fiberglass mix production of high strength nylon flywheel.

Cross action: Adaptation of different styles of Aussie market door motor;
Pitch: Consider a variety of spring, the spring is fixed pitch as 82mm and 108mm kinds, leaving the user to match;
Axial bore: 1 inch diameter galvanized steel pipe market is 30-33.7mm, size varies, the company specifically to make the hole for the wheel adjustable to accommodate different diameter galvanized pipe.
Bore tooth Column: internal tooth cylindrical design, you can keep butter persistence, reducing friction with the wheel axis of the tube, to achieve long-running door easily, reducing loss of motor function.

    Polyamide (PA, commonly known as nylon) has a good overall performance, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubricating, low friction coefficient, a certain flame retardant; fiberglass The performance is strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength. The use of these two materials science performance ratio, injection through a unique way, and strictly control the nozzle temperature, mold temperature, injection pressure, cooling, packing and final injection time after setting and after treatment, to mechanical performance, durability, resistance High-performance advantages of resistance, heat resistance, etc., to create a perfect Australian-style roller door plastic pulley wheel.

Shape: G-shaped
Diameter: 280mm
Wall thickness: 5mm
Wall width: 45mm
Fixed spring pitch: 82mm, 108mm
Available galvanized tube diameter: 30-33.7mm