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11kV 33kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker indoor Medium Voltage VCB for Switchgear
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    11kV 33kV
Product Description

Product Introduction

The VSV series indoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit-breakers are suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage7.2...40.5kV power system, widely used in power distribution of transformer substations, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, buildings, for control and protection. The VSV series of vacuum circuit-breakers have the capability of fast reclosing and frequent operation.

The VSV series of vacuum circuit-breakers conform to the specifications of the following standards: IEC 62271-1, IEC 62271-100, IEC 60694, GB 1984-2003, JB/T 3885-2008, DL/T 403-2000.

Product Features

Totally enclosed poles with excellent electrical performance 

The main circuit of the VSV series vacuum circuit-breaker adopts totally enclosed structure with either insulated tubular canister or embedded poles.

a) Insulated tubular structure 

The main circuit parts are attached vertically in a tubular insulated canister. The insulating cylinder is made from epoxy resin through advanced AGP casting technology. Thus it has good anti-arc, anti-aging, and high strength properties. With such structural design, it prevent the external effects to vacuum arc extinguish chamber including external shocks, polluted ambient effectively, improved the capacity of bearing rated short-time withstanding current (peak).

b) Embedded poles structure  

Small-sized vacuum arc-extinguisher and other parts of main circuit are directly embedded in epoxy resin through advanced AGP technology. Not only the poles assembly process is simplified, but also the reliability of the vacuum arc-extinguisher loop is improved., and the surface of vacuum arc-extinguisher is free from the effects of external mechanical force and ambient.

Circuit-breakers mechanism has excellent corrosion prevention performance and advanced design 

Structural member adopts super strong corrosion resistance and salt mist Zn-Co alloy surface treatment; driving member adopts high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistant Ni-P alloy surface treatment. Drive bearing adopts international brand INA oil-free graphite bearing with high strength and good abrasive resistance.

The VSV series are circuit-breaker Class C2 

During cut-off of capacitive current, circuit breaker has extremely low heavy breakdown probability, meeting the requirement of circuit-breakers Class C2.

The VSV series are circuit-breakers Class E2 

The circuit-breakers passed all tests in Testing Center of Senyang High Voltage Appartus Research Institute and Testing Center of Xi'an High Voltage Appartus Research Institute, meeting the requirement of Class E2, cut-off full-capacity short circuit current of small current circuit breaker reaches 30 times, and cut-off full-capacity short circuit current of big current circuit breaker reaches 20 times.

The VSV series are circuit-breaker Class M2 

Mature integrated operating mechanism has stable and reliable performance, and long service life,which can be used in places with frequent operation. The circuit breaker can meet the requirement of Standard Grade M2, mechanical service life is as high as 30,000 times.

Adopt buffers with excellent buffer performance 

Specially designed buffer can reduce overshoot of brake separating and rebound of brake reversing of circuit breaker, thus enhancing the mechanical life of circuit-breakers.

Adopt insulating tension pole made of nylon material 

Insulating tension pole adopts nylon 66 plus glass fiber material, ensuring intensity and toughness, as well as electrical performance.

Technical Parameters

1Rated insulation level KV40.5
2Rated insulation levelpower frequency withstand voltage (1 min))95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)185
3Rated currenA630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500
4Rated short circuit breaking current KA2531.5
5Rated short circuit making current (peak)6380
6Rated operating sequenceO-0.3s-CO-180sCO
7Rated out-of-phase breaking current KA6.258
8Rated short-circuit breaking current in different phase21.727.4
9DC component rated short-circuit breaking current≤51%
10Rated Back to back capacitors circuit breaking currentA400
Rated Single capacitor circuit breaking current630
11Rated short-circuit breaking durationS4
12Rated short circuit breaking timesTimes20
13Break timems≤80
14Mechanical lifeTimes20000
15Mass of circuit breaker completekg260