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Water purification powdered activated carbon for sale
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Product Description

Product Name: Powder Activated carbon

What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a crude form of graphite, the substance used for pencil leads. It differs from graphite by having a random, imperfect structure which is highly porous over a broad range of pore sizes from visible cracks and crevices to molecular dimensions. The graphite structure gives the carbon its very large surface area which allows the carbon to adsorb a wide range of compounds.

Activated carbon (activated charcoal) has the strongest physical adsorption forces, or the highest volume of adsorbing porosity, of any material known to mankind.

Activated carbon (activated charcoal) can have a surface of greater than 1000m²/g. This means 3g of activated carbon can have the surface area of a football field.


What is activated carbon made from ?

Activated carbon (activated charcoal) can made from many substances containing a high carbon content such as coal, coconut shells and wood. The raw material has a very large influence on the characteristics and performance of the activated carbon (activated charcoal)


There are three main forms of activated carbon (activated charcoal).


1.Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) - irregular shaped particles with sizes ranging from 0.2 to 5 mm. This type is used in both liquid and gas phase applications.

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2.Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) - pulverised carbon with a size predominantly less than 0.18mm (US Mesh 80). These are mainly used in liquid phase applications and for flue gas treatment.

(Customed)powdered activated carbon price philipping

 3.Columnar Activated Carbon (CAC) -  Columnar and cylindrical shaped with diameters from 0.8 to 5 mm.

These are mainly used for gas phase applications because of their low pressure drop, high mechanical strength and low dust content.

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Packaging & Shipping

1.Activated carbon can be packed in12.5kg,5kg,500kg plastic woven bag.  2.12.5kg,25kg kraft bag 10mt in a fcl, 20mt in a 40 fcl. Iron drum fibre drum corrugated-board carton soluble bag or at client'option. 3.Special customized

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Yes, we will offer free sample for your testing, only charge the express fee .But this express fee will return to your first formal order.