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Aluminium MCPCB Depaneling PCB Separator For LED Tube
  • FOB Price
    US $ 1200.00 - 3000.00 / Piece(s)
  • Min. Order
    1 Piece(s)
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Paypal, Western Union
  • Port
    shenzhen port
  • Delivery Time
    2 days after payment
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  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
  • Protection L...:
  • Type:
  • External Size:
  • Max length o...:
  • Cutting Speed:
    80,120, 200, 400mm/s
  • Cutting Thic...:
  • warranty:
    one year free
  • blade:
    six high speed steel ...
  • blades life:
    2-3 years
Product Description

With unique cutting method, the circuitboard is cut by six blades. It is a group composed of one upper andone lower blade, and is also a cutting unit.

1. Thereare A, B, C, three groups. The whole cutting process is dividedinto three stages from group A blade which cut 10% board then tothe group B blade knife cut through groove cutting by group A tocomplete another 40% .the last 50% is cut by group C blade andfinishing.

2. because eachcutting volume is small, the stress produced during the cuttingprogress declined by more than 50% compared with the traditionalcut off at a time.

3 Thus the edgeof the board and its surface are very smooth without warping.

4 Currently, itis the only machine that can guarantee the aluminum plate withoutdeformation after cutting .

5 because of themultiple cutting, cutting process is very smooth and greatlyimproves the capability of position of V-CUT groove.

6 Even if withshallow slot V-CUT groove the board won't jump out of blade,avoiding adverse.

7 Because cuttingforce of the blade is small. The wheel disc with SKD high precisionsteel material which is imported from the Japan. durability of theblade greatly improved , and the lifetime can be one year or morewhen cutting the aluminum board.

8 All the cuttingblades are calibrated by Excitation double-frequency laserinterference measurement instrument. Ensure that the latter knifecan accurately continue to cut in the slots which already cut bythe former knife. The jitter of knife point is less than 0.02mm.Ensure perfect cutting quality.

9Can be mountedstainless steel platform with laser calibration positioningfunction

10 Can beadjusted the above and below round knifeprecisely

11 Circular knifecan turn mill reoccupy many times, the shape of cutter can becustomized.

12 X, Y axis canfree adjustment and make the cutting accuracy to thehighest


 1. It is electric control ,this type separator machines weredesigned to separate pre-scored panel boards carefully, withoutbending or tension stress . 

2 . Novibration during the process to prevent damage to precisePCB

3 . Gapfor insertion of the board can simply be adjusted by means of theadjusting knob , low friction design is applied

4 . Lowerknife height adjustable , no thin plates are required afterre-sharpening the cutting blade

5 .Separation led panel with fast speed 

6 . Theblades can be regrind .

7 . Withcompetitive price