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New type of solar biogas product is mainly composed of the following three parts.

1, Solar biogas generator:

is made from a variety of compound materials, its mechanical strength and elongation are much greater than traditional underground cement pools, it has acid and corrosion resistance, service may be more than 20 years, and its low cost and light weight make it easy to be moved or transported, which can be installed underground or be placed on the ground.

Because it is mixed with highly efficient heat condensation and UV materials developed by our company, the tank itself is not only able to gather solar energy into heat energy heat up biogas slurry within the tank, but also can filter out all ultraviolet that are fatal to biogas bacteria, allowing infrared to penetrate tank to directly to warm up biogas slurry, warming effect will be improved more significantly.

Multi-unit micro-combination installation shall not be limited by site, rotary loading, discharging of materials will not stop gas, so it is more practical.

2, External solar poly thermal devices: are mainly composed of solar heaters and heat conduction system, solar thermal device is made of high-efficiency poly thermal and insulation materials, and can be assembled into different sizes of lighting area according to need, which can efficiently absorb the solar energy to be converted into heat. Heat conduction system can transfer the heat energy to biogas tank under control of numerical control device, and heat exchange shall be carried out to warm up biogas slurry to ensure normal gas production under low temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of using biogas in four seasons of the year.