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Material handling tool--JM pneumatic hoist
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Product Description

Material handling tool--JM pneumatic hoist

As for the material handling tool, JM air hoists include Roller Chain air hoist and link chain air hoist, we can also call it Pneumatic hoist. Those air hoist can be used in material handling, production handling, lifting, hoisting, and transfer heavy loads with/without the rail system. As for the material handling device,JM air hoists can save labor force in the plant or factory, and it is easy to operate. JM air hoist has the following features, pls check it.


Accurate positioning
--JM air hoist can Avoid positioning inaccurately caused by normal hoists, reach to the accuracy of centimeter and have zero impact force.

Adjustable speed
--Jm air hoists can work faster or slower for its stepless speed regulation when lifting up and down and have rapid speed which is three times higher than electrical hoist and 5 times higher than chain block.

Simple operation
--Drawbar of the air hoist is easy to operate and responds to the movements of pendent handle when lifting up and down.

Cleaning-up and pro-environment and safety
--Inner lubrication system of JM chain air hoist removes the air pollution. Air hoist can work in wet or high dusty materials and any other special or worse situations.

Simple transportation
--Be easy to operate and need lower maintenances for these elements including small volume, light weight, simple transportation and solid design, besides of good sharp.

Overloading protection
--Get hold of the essential brake motor system and technologies of lower maintenances to avoiding the damage to goods for overload, benefiting from the successful experiences in domestic and abroad and strict selection of materials.

Protection against cutting off the air
--As for the material handling device, JM chain air hoist prevent the loads falling suddenly when cutting off the air. This function guarantees the quality furthermore and removes the worries of injury that may be caused during lifting or falling.

Durable in use
-As for the material handling tool, JM air hoist have longer working time to reduce the complaints of quality sued by end-customers in large scale

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