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Product Description

Product Summarize

Sound barrier, as the name implies, is the sounds barrier. It is mainly product in the aspect of control noise, especially in the traffic engineering aspects. Sound barrier working principle is that insert one facilities which could distinctness decrease sound waves between sound wave and receiver according to the characteristics of sound waves so that form a effective acoustic shadow to achieve the purpose of noise control.
Sound barrier is mainly used in the sound reducing treatment for the freeway, high-speed rail, trestle roads, urban light rail, subway, as well as civil construction and other facilities but also can be applied to some noise-sensitive points, for example, large-scale industrial and mining enterprises and cooling equipment, for noise reduction processing.
The composition of the sound barrier
The sound barrier is mainly composed of base, column and screen stand plate and so on.

Base is the mainly structure bearing force. It could be designed separately or designed as ancillary facilities with road design. which can separate the design of road design can also be designed in conjunction with ancillary facilities (with the hard shoulder fence, etc.) on the road.
Column is the main barrier force components, which could connect the column flange with the base solidly through the way of embedded bolts, planting bar and welding and so on in order to achieve the sound barrier requirements of the whole sound barrier.

Screen stand board is the important component for the effect of control nose. From the noise reduction function, it can be divided into sound-absorbing board, insulation board and two mixed-type, it currently is commonly used is mixed type for sound absorbing and insulation. From the form of production, screen stand board could be divided into perforation-type, foliage-type, up-arc, and down-straight type, split-angle type, straight flat type, convex, concave type, etc. In the same barrier, it Will often adopt the form of various combinations of the above.
Screen stand board could be fixed within the slot of the column to form sound barrier through the special bolts, high-strength spring and the angle steel.

Product Features
1.It could be applicable to the area of the freeway, high-speed rail, urban light rail, subway and so on.

2. Effect for reduction noise is good. As using of optimal design and selection of high-quality sound-absorbing material, the average noise control is above the 18-28db, some could achieve the high 40db.
3. Absorption coefficient of absorber material is high, the average could up more than 0.8,  it has good results for some difficulty deal with low-screen sound.
4. The design of product structure and components has been considered the wind path which has the features of high strength, safe, reliable, and heat-resistant, acid-resistant, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, and with an average life of 20 years.
5. Prefabricated construction, economic rationality, greatly reducing the cost of the investment.
6. The performance of it is look classical, elegant, will not only serve the purpose of noise control, but also form the beautiful scenic with the roads, urban environment.

Selection Description
1.The type of sound barrier and specifications could be made according to road, rail, trestle design requirements.
2. It could be designed and process according to the customers special needs.