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antiscale equipment
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    stainless steel
Product Description

Product Function:

1, It is applied to all types of oil well paraffin scale control, and is used to low viscosity of heavy oil wells.

2   It have a significant effect in removing the paraffin and scale, so it can prolong the flushing cycle.

3     In the high-frequency magnetic field, fluid inspire a large number of free electrons, can effectively prevent the pipeline wall loss of electrons from the metal oxide, and to promote the formation of iron oxide has been converted into Fe3O4 closely cover the metal surface, since to pipeline corrosion preventive effect.


1   Since no chemicals are used so it brings no pollution on the ground or on the reservoir.

     Eliminates the use of chemicals for scale and paraffin control.

2   Reduces flushing times and reduces downtime.

3   Reduces the power consumption and reduces running costs.

4   Saves energy.

5   100% environmentally friendly & Meets all EPA requirements!



Technical parameters

1, Power: 220V 50Hz

2, the output coil voltage: 12V ± 0.5V

3, power: 200W-800W, 24 hours a day consumes 5 ~ 15KW / day

4, Working temperature: <90

5, ambient temperature: -50 ~ +70

6, for well depth: <4000m