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Black Butterfly Ebony Series Engineered Wood Veneer
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Product Description

Engineered wood products of SHANDONG RIVER WOODEN CO.,LTD
Engineered wood series products use natural wood as raw material,through high-tech production process of the handling and processing,not only to keep the wood’s green natural ingredients,but also have the following new features.
1,Color variety, grain close to natural wood,strong sense of third dimension
2,Adopting fast-growing artificial logs and using rotary technique to make the woods change from round to square,to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of woods.
3,In the designing,removed the natural defects of the natural wood’s colour and grain.
4,In the process of researching and designing,optimized the natural wood’s physical and chemical structure,and overcomed its shorts of warpage.
5,During the production,improve the treatment of anti-corrosion,pest control,moisture resistance ,sound-absorbing and fire-retardant.
What is the engineered wood?

 The engineered wood of SHANDONG RIVER WOODEN CO.,LTD,is according to the natural and valuable wood species’s grain and colour,designed by computer simulation,then to be made via high-tech careful processing and manufacturing.It is a new concept of decorative materials which imitates all kinds of natural precious wood.It maintained the natural wood’s natural features and its own merits,besides,it overcomed the natural wood’s defects.It’s a kind of environmental-friendly,green decoration materials product.Therefore,we give the engineered wood a new meaning.

Engineered wood’s feature and development prospect

Compared with the natural wood,the engineered wood of Shandong river wooden co.,ltd,can completely overcome the natural wood’s specific defects,such as bugholes,knots,discoloration and easy-deformed.Meanwhile,it also has the advantages that natural wood can not match,that is the high utilization of the finished produts.Can be processed into a variety of large breadth and large sizes finished products;good grain patterns,colour regularity and uniformity.Superior in re-processing,anti-corrosion,anti-moth,and moisture resistantane.More bright colour and stronger sense of three dimension.
As Shandong river wooden co.,ltd’s engineered wood is the outcome of the high-tech times,except developping new products,according to customer’s requirements,we can also make special design and manufacture to satisfy customer’s needs on grain pattern,colour,regularity and uniformity.It also fully reflects customer’s needs of individual consumption.
With the government’s continual strength measurements of ban forest,all kinds of valuable woods gradually become running short.Also due to the continuous improvement of people’s living standard,the demands on high-grade decorative materials are also being improved,so the contradiction between the two is obvious.As Shandong river wooden co.,ltd’s engineered wood is the replacement of raw material,it’ll be the trend in the future development and has a very broad prospects.
At present, Shandong river wooden co.,ltd’s engineered wood has been widely used in marketplace,hotel,boite,home decoration and furniture industry,etc.There’re all kinds of decorative veneer based on plywood,MDF and HDF;all kinds of wood splint,wooden floor,furniture,panels,etc,which are derived from engineered wood producs.
Shandong river wooden co.,ltd sincerely welcome all new and old friends book online or come to check samples for order.