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Mg-Gd30 Alloy/ Magnesium Gadolinium Alloy/ Rare Earth Alloy/ MGGD/ MGGD30
  • FOB Price
    US $ 15.00 - 36.00 / Kilogram(s)
  • Min. Order
    10 Kilogram(s)
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  • Delivery Time
    7 days after payment
  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
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  • Model Number:
    Mg Gd30
  • Application:
  • Composition:
  • Product Type:
    Rare Earth Alloy
Product Description

Product information

1, We choose ≥Mg99.95 of GB3499- 2003 for rare earty alloy.
2, rare earth Gd/RE≥99.95%.
3, Using special crucible in the process of production and gas protection to strictly control the impurity content.
4, Small ingot and large surface area, uniform composition, no need to be broken and easy to melt.

We assembled many Mg-Gd alloy ingot production experience and created a set of perfect Mg-Gd alloy production technology. Our products has advantages of high absorption rate, low impurity content, high melting speed. Product is packed with shrinkable film packaging, which is very convenient for customer to use, and long storage without surface oxidation, etc.

Directions for use
According to the customer request to add rare earth alloy. Removing Packaging shrink film first and preheat to 200 ℃. After adding all alloy, raise temperature to 720 ℃ + / - 5 ℃ while stirring.
Note: Please choose earth special flux as refining flux .


Casting and containing rare earth magnesium alloy Can significantly improve the resistance to high temperature, casting property and corrosion resistance, and significantly improve the mechanical properties of magnesium alloys.

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