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High Quality Magnesium Alloy Slab
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    US $ 12.00 - 16.00 / Kilogram(s)
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    10 Kilogram(s)
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    7 days after payment
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    China (Mainland)
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    AZ31B H24
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Product Description


Material AZ31B H24; H26;AZ91D;AZ80A

Magnesium alloy slab with a small specific gravity, high intensity , high wear-resisting performance, has some of the corrosion resistance and resistance to radiation performance, good chemical stability against the alkali and mineral,and good weldability and workability.


the aerospace industry, automotive, vibration platform,electronic and other military industrial and civil industry;

Production Process

semi-continue casting Hot rolling process; ensuring the product good mechanical properties;refinement of grain structure; high strength and great ductility.

hot rolling process:ensuring perfect inner quality without any flaw,slag, hole, burrs or scratches.

Supply slab size : thickness from 6 mm to 300mm; Max. width is 3000mm; Max. length is 6000mm;

Technology Inspection & Produce Standard

ASTM B90/B90M-07; AMS 4375; AMS 4376; AMS 4377

Also can produce as clients' standard.

Physical Properties

Density: 1.78;

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 26.8 x 10-6K-1

Specific heat: 1040 Jkg-1k-1

Thermal conductivity: 76.9Wm-1k-1

Electrical resistivity: 92nΩm

Modulus of elasticity: 45 x 109Pa;

Poissons ratio: 0.35;

Melting range: 566 - 632°C

Heat Treatment

As clients' requirement, we can keep slab for 24~76 hours as 300~600 degree in order to ensure inner quality better for using.


Typical Hardness

O temper: 67 Rockwell E

H24 temper: 83 Rockwell E


Excellent weldability with gas shielded arc using AZ61A (preferred) or AZ92A filler rod; post weld stress relief is required to prevent stress corrosion cracking. Resistance welding is excellent.


AZ31B, like all magnesium alloy plate and sheet, machines faster than any other metal. Providing the geometry of the part allows, the limiting factor is the power and speed of the machine rather than the quality of the tool material. The power required per cubic centimeter of metal removed varies from 9 to 14 watts per minute depending on machining operation.

Dent Resistance

Weight for weight, AZ31B-H24 has proven to be superior to competitive materials in its resistance to denting at moderate energy levels.

Dent Resistance of 1mm Gauge Sheet (Dent depth in mm from 25mm spherical redius indentor on 350mm span)

Surface Treatment

All the normal chromating, anodizing, plating, and finishing treatment are readily applicable. AZ31B also responds well to plasma electrolytic oxidation finishing.


Those applications requiring a flat surface or high dimensional stability benefit from the use of Magnesium Alloy Slab. Typical uses included Aircraft, Aerospace, jigs, fixtures, optical benches, vibration test equipment and inspection gauges. Magnesium Alloy Slab is non-magnetic and has high electrical and thermal conductivity filling many material requirements in the electronics and computer industries.

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