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High Quality Magnesium Alloy Tube/Pipe
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Product Description

• Specification

Our company produce the magnesium alloy extruded tube and aluminium alloy tubes.

Supply size :

Outer Diameter Max 600mmThickness Max.200mm,

Max. Size for the flat bar is 920x160mm;

Max. Size for U-shape is 800x300mm;

Max. Size for Rectangular is 700x200mm;

Max. Size for Square tube is 430x430mm

Max. Length is 30 meters/each

Technology Inspection & Produce Standard:

ASTM B90/B90M-07; AMS 4375; AMS 4376; AMS 4377

Mg is an basic material in the magnesium aluminum alloy industry, die casting industry, widely used as desulfurization in hot steel and iron pretreatment , welding materials , and fireworks etc;

Magnesium is also used to make photographic and optical instruments,. Magnesium and its alloys of non-structural applications, magnesium as a strong reduction agent, also used for titanium, zirconium, beryllium, hafnium production.

Our Advantage:

• Process:Semi-Casting & Hot Rolling→Hot Rolling

Size:Min thickness 0.6mm,Max thickness 300mm,Width 3000mm, Length 6000mm.

Surface Treatment: Water Polishing & Machining → Perfect Clean & Bright & Flatness.

Inspection of inner quality: By imported ultrasonic flaw detection inspection equipment UI-25.

Production Process:

Magnesium Alloy Tube is produced by process semi-casting and extruded process.

Semi-casting is through using vertical casting and is colded by constant temperature well water under around during casting processing. Making casting completedly slabs(billets) have very small grain and very tight spacing between grain and grain.

Ensuring perfect inner quality without pore and slag inclusion.Which can be verified that we used Inspection method for macrostructure of wrought magnesium alloy products.

We produce magnesium alloy sheet conforms to MIL-T-38749(USAF) Standard.

Normal mention to Magnesium Alloy Sheet is pointed magnesium alloy hot rolling plate which is through heating treament state H24, H26,O.

So AZ31B H24 magnesium alloy sheet has a perfect flatness and good surface with moderate strength and ductility.


As the lightest metal material, magnesium alloy has the advantages of better capability of shock absorption, easy to be grind, electromagnetism interference screening etc.

Can be used as equipment parts,3C products , etc.

Magnesium Alloy functions

1.high mechanical stability

2.high damping capacity

3.low internal stresses and distortions

4.good heat conductivity

5. good machining properties

Mechanical Properties

Designation Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation

Rm /(N/mm2) Rp0.2(N/mm2) A5/%

AZ31B 260 Min 200 Min 14-15

Also can produce as clients' standard.

Chemical Composition

Al: 2.5-3.5%; Zn: 0.7-1.3%; Mn: 0.20 – 1.0%; Mg: Balance

Physical Properties

Density: 1.78;

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 26.8 x 10-6K-1

Specific heat: 1040 Jkg-1k-1

Thermal conductivity: 76.9Wm-1k-1

Electrical resistivity: 92nΩm

Modulus of elasticity: 45 x 109Pa;

Poissons ratio: 0.35;

Melting range: 566 - 632°C


Those applications requiring a flat surface or high dimensional stability benefit from the use of magnesium alloy sheet. Typical uses included Aircraft .Aerospace ,jigs, fixtures, optical benches, vibration test equipment and inspection gauges. Magnesium Alloy Sheet is non-magnetic and has high electrical and thermal conductivity filling many material requirements in the electronics and computer industries.