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High Quality Molybdenum Plate
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Product Description

Product Description

Item Name: Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy plate,sheet,strip,foil/ stainless steel plate

Material grade : 360, 361 ,362 ,363 ,364 ,365 ,366

Standard : ASTMB386

Density : 10.22g/cm3

Features: Good property of wear-resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength( stainless steel plate )

Applications : it’s widely used in special steel melting, aerospace, military industry and so on.

Our Advantage

- Process:Semi-Casting ,then Hot Rolling

- Size:Max thickness 30mm,Width 3000mm, Length 6000mm.

- Surface clear:Water Polishing & Machining/Cleaning,Shinning


Reflection shield, Heat shield

• Molybdenum boat, crucible

• Special steel

• Molybdenum electrode

• Vacuum furnace

• Nuclear energy

• Parts of guided missile and aircraft

• Medical equipment

Production Process

Magnesium Plate is produced by process semi-casting and hot rolling with tons rolling machine.

Semi-casting is through using vertical casting and is colded by constant temperature well water under around during casting processing. Making casting completedly slabs(billets) have very small grain and very tight spacing between grain and grain.

Ensuring perfect inner quality.This point can be verified that we used Inspection method for macrostructure of wrought magnesium alloy products.

Heat Treatment

No thermal treatment is available for increasing the strength of this alloy after fabrication.

• Surface Treatment

All the normal chromating, anodizing, plating, and finishing treatment are readily applicable. AZ31B also responds well to plasma electrolytic oxidation finishing.

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