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PP container liner
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    China (Mainland)
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Product Description

AnthenteContainer Liner/Dry Bulk Liners, form a clean, dry and protective shield between the product
and the floor and walls of the container. This enables 20ft,30ft,40ft,45ft container to be used as a low cost alternative to a road tanker for the transport of free-flowing, bulk products.Such as dry granules,powder,
grains, chemicals and other products. After discharging, the liner is simply removed and discarded, leaving
the container free of residue and the danger of cross-contamination subsequent products.
Size: Made for 20ft,30ft,40ft,45ft Standard Container
Material: PE film,PE woven,PP woven(Food Grade approved)
Loading Style:
1.Loading by gravity
2.Mechanic loading by screw/belt conveyor
3.Loading by pneumatic system
4.Circular or Square.
Unloading Style:
By pumping or pneumatic system.
Container liner body need protect by Bulkhead(PP Woven, PE Woven,PE Film) against rorm the door and
potential dangerous during transportation.
Hanging Loop:
Are design and suitable for the Standard Container Hook. Equiped by PE Sheet Heating Seal Or
Hanging Cord(TAB+Bungee/Rubber band+Hook).
Application Product Transport:
1. Free movement products
Soybeans, coffee beans, barley, wheat, corn, cocoa, fish, peanuts, lentils, nuts, peas, rice, salt, seeds,
sugar,tea, livestock feed, etc.
2. Granular or powder
PE,PP,PTA,PET,PC, PVC particles or Powder,PTA, PET
particles,PC PVC granules, nylon polymer, ABS resin, aluminum powder, fertilizer, soda ash,Carbon Black, etc.
1) Cost saving on packaging material, handling cost & transportation cost.
2) Minimize cargo spillage & waste.
3) Maximize the loading percentage.
4) Protect cargo from containmination.
5) Easy & fast to install, load & dispose.