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Semi-Automatic Silicone Sealant Filling And Capping Machine(PLC)
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    Filling Machine
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Product Description

RQFC-003 Semi-Automatic Silicone Sealant Filling And Capping Machine(PLC)

Filling+ lock the plug + code print transport line
1. Use and Features:

It can be used in sub packaging and hitting of viscose material filled in plastic bottle. The device feed lids automatically, quantitative vats are used, lids are fixed automatically, and there are counters on the interface, moreover, venting function is possessed. It have advantages in precise measurement, high degree in automation, reducing staff and lightening labor intensity;through several design and improvement, merits such as user-friendly, easy operation, and high stability have been achieved. It can be used with discharging machine(>20tons) of hydraulic pressure type. This kind of device is mainly used in cementing compound industry, such as silicone sealant, glass cement, acrylic acid glue, polysulfide sealant, polyurethane sealant etc.

2. Configuration:

Quantitative racking machine of sealing glue, one set (including electric cabinet);

Hydraulic workstation, one set;

Conveyor of bottom head-feeding, one set;

3. Technical Parameters:

3.1.Working voltage: 50Hz 380V.

3.2. Working pressure: 0.7Mpa (provided by demanders).

3.3. Power of electrical motor of hydraulic pressure: 1.5Kw.

3.4. Packing receptacle: ф40-ф50 mm,glue bottle with length 150--230mm; note: the device can be changed according to customer’s requirement.

3.5. Metering range: 100-500ml.

3.6. Precision: ±0.5%.

3.7. Production capacity: 25~45pcs/min.