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LEUVA33T00RL00——3535 Normal PKG 365nm LG innotek UVLED
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    LG Innotek
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A Distributor of LG Innotek LED and UVLED lamps


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LG Innotek is a global specialized material and component manufacturer who is making a better world through cutting edge core component technology that is leading the market and opening a smarter future through the development of new eco-friendly materials.

The world’s highest production capacity as a single-factory A solid LED business base built over more than a decade.

The world’s first 6-inch Epi-wafer mass-production.

LG Innotek’s Paju LED factory producing 2 billion chips a month reliably supplying a full product lineups moves toward the leading global player in the LED market.

LG Innotek becames the world’s first 6-inch Epi-wafer mass-producer.


LG Innotek UV LED: 


-3528 1in1[385nm]LEUVS33G10TZ00;

-3535 1in1 Normal [365nm,385nm,395nm,405nm]LEUVA33T00RL00;LEUVA33T00TL00;LEUVA33T00UL00;LEUVA33T00VL00;

-3535 1in1 H1 [365nm,385nm,395nm,405nm]LEUVA33W70RL00;LEUVA33W70TL00;LEUVA33W70UL00;LEUVA33W70VL00;

-3535 1in1 Narrow [365nm,385nm,395nm,405nm]LEUVA35T01RL00;LEUVA35T01TL00;LEUVA35T01UL00;LEUVA35T01VL00;

-6060 1in1 G1 [365nm,385nm,395nm,405nm]LEUVA66R40RV00;LEUVA66U00TV00;LEUVA66U30UV00;LEUVA66R40VV00;

-6060 1in1 H1 [365nm,385nm,395nm,405nm]LEUVA66X00RV00;LEUVA66U00TV00;LEUVA66X00TV00;TBD;

-6868 4in1[365nm,385nm,395nm,405nm]LEUVA77000RV00;LEUVA77Z80TV00;LEUVA77Z80UV00;LEUVA77Z80VV00;


-3535 1in1[278nm]LEUVA33B00HF00

-6060 1in1[305nm]LEUVA66G00KF00

-6060 1in1[278nm]LEUVA66B00HF00;LEUVA66G00HF00

-6868 1in1[275nm]LEUVA77G00HF00

-Multi Chip Series[278nm]LEUVK11H00HF00