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Nano Lithium Silicate Concrete Sealer
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    US $ 3.00 - 4.00 / Kilogram(s)
  • Min. Order
    540 Kilogram(s)
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    Xingang, China
  • Delivery Time
    15 days after payment
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  • Other Names:
    Concrete Hardener, Fl...
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  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
  • Grade Standard:
    Industrial Grade
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  • Appearance:
    Colorless, odorless L...
  • Application:
    For floor hardening, ...
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Product Description

Lithium Silicate Concrete Sealer is an inorganic silicate chemical solution especially for the sealing/hardening/gloss-generating/life-prolonging of some floors, it’s colorless, odorless, environment friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, free of VOC and easy to use. It produced by inorganic silicate, catalysts and other additives through high temperature emulsification. It is a low alkaline active-copolymer, can efficiently penetrate into the concrete structure, seal the pores and continually increase the floor’s hardness, strength and service life, and after polishing, can get an immediate and permanent sheen.

Working Principle:

By efficiently penetrating into the concrete structures, Concrete Sealer reacts with the free alkalis presented in the concrete and forms Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-H-S is the main source of strength of concrete) , which fills and seals the pores, solidifies into the integral part of the concrete and finally leads to a more compact and hard structure. After one-time application of CS, it will continually improve the floor’s comprehensive performance and give the floors permanent protection, such strength enhancing, hardening, dust-proofing, anti-corrosion, anti-permeating,etc. In addition, after polish, it will give the floor an immediate and permanent gloss.

Characteristic and Functions:

01. Sealing and hardening the concrete structure;
02. Improving concrete floors’ compressive strength,  friction coefficient, wear-resistance;
03. Dust-proofing;
04. Anti-permeating of oils and greases,
05. Anti corrosion of acid, alkali and salt;
06. Anti-skidding, and car
07. Reduces or eliminates hairline cracks of new concrete floors.
08. After polish, giving the floor an immediate and permanent marble sheen; if not polish,
the sheen shall appear little by little;
09. Treated floor is easy to clean, and don’t need any special maintenance.

10. Be applicable to both new or old floors.


Recommended Application:

Concrete Sealer is suitable for concrete floors, cement mortar floors, colored aggregate floors, emery floors, terrazzo floors and self-leveling floors. And widely use for following projects:

Industrial Floors

Public Floors

Transport Floors

Commercial Floors

Food Factory

Park Square



Power Plant


Parking Lots

Exhibition Hall

Chemical Plant



Textile Factory


Railway Station

Pharmaceutical Factory


Coach Station

Sewage Plants


Logistic Center




Cold Storage



Method of Using:

1. Shake well before using.
2. Coverage: About 3-5m2/kg
3. If a matt surface is wanted:
Spray(or brush/roll) CS evenly and wet the concrete surface, keep the surface wet at least 30minutes, the area become dry too quickly, need an immediate additional spraying.
4. Air temperature at 5-35℃, and relative humidity 10-90% is the best, when temperature >35℃, please sprinkle water to cool down the surface first.
5. If a gloss surface is required, please refer to following process:
1). Coarsely grind the floor by 50-200mesh (wet or dry grinding) abrasive disc;
2). Spray CS evenly on the floor, coverage: 0.1-0.2KG/m2, keep the floor wet at least 30minutes;
3). Grind to 400mesh (wet or dry grinding);
4). Polish to 800mesh (dry polish);
5). Spray CS again, coverage: 0.1KG/m2;
6). Polish to 1500-2000mesh (dry polish);
6. Avoid the surface suffer from water, rain and freeze within 24h after construction, after 4hours, the floor can be walked on, and after 7days, the treated surface can be open to heavy traffics or start following works.

Packing:20KG/ Pail, 220KG/Pail i.e. 5 US Gal/Pail, 55 US Gal/Pail(HDPE Pail)

OEM Service:Yes, we provide.

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