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Waste oil recycling machine/diesel production line
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    US $ 33000.00 - 38000.00 / Unit(s)
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    Oil Purifier
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    China (Mainland)
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Product Description

Waste oil recycling machine/diesel production line

1)Start the waste oil pump, Pump the waste oil into the distillation kettle, and then turn on the heating system.

2) While heating, start the stirring device inside of distillation kettle. This will help to improve thermal conduction of waste oil, then waste oil can be evenly heated in the distillation kettle. Because waste oil has much colloid, bitumen, free carbon, heavy metal and other substances, so stirring oil can effectively prevent these substances coking, and blocking distillation apparatus and pipes.

3)When the temperature reaches to 50 ℃, gasoline components in the used oil can be gradually distilled out, and be cooled by water and gasoline condenser, then we will get extensive gasoline liquid. When the oil temperature reaches to 100 ℃,water in the used oil begins to be distilled out, water vapor will be cooled by the water and gasoline condenser, then we can collect water liquid,The cooled water and gasoline liquid will enter into the gasoline collecting  tank. Because the density of water and gasoline is much different, so they will automatically stratification, then drain water, and filter gasoline,at last we can get the finished gasoline.

4) When the temperature reaches to 160 ℃, closed gasoline production line valve, switch to diesel production line.

5) With the gradual increase temperature of waste oil, the light components of waste oil will be distilled out and through the efficient catalytic system, which can further catalytic cracking these light components, then gets diesel oil vapor, finally we can get diesel oil liquid after these diesel oil vapor be cooled by diesel oil condenser.

6) When the oil temperature reaches to 260 ℃, the heavy components inside used oil will be distilled out and become oil vapor, then go through the efficient catalytic system, which can further catalytic cracking these oil vapor, after cracking these oil vapor will enter a catalytic converter by adding certain amount of additives. Pump these oil vapor back into the efficient catalytic system and let be cracked and catalyzed again.So that we can get higher quality diesel oil vapor, finally we can get the diesel oil liquid after these vapor be cooled by diesel oil condenser.

7) Finally, we filter all collected diesel oil liquid, then we can get high quality finished diesel oil

8) When temperature reaches about 410℃, start residue oil pump, pump out the oil residue from distillation kettle. The residue oil can be used as heavy fuel oil.


5. Features ofWaste oil recycling machine/diesel production line

1) Low cost, Recycle one ton used oil need only about 10USD.

2) The YJ-DY series machine is easy to operate, low running cost, it need only 1-2 workers to operate.

3) YJ-DY series can recycle all kinds of used black diesel, used engine oil, used machine oil, used rubber oil,almost all industrial oil,waste plastics oil to diesel fuel. The cracked oil is able to be used as industrial or civil-use fuel, even power driven fuel.

4) The entire process is absolutely environmental protection without any smoke and smell.

5) High-efficiency gas heating system, adopt hot air heating technology,can be heated by fuel oil, natural gas etc,not only safety but also efficiency is increased in the production processing. Waste gas form machine will be burned in the distillation chamber,to produce a lot of energy and to save the resources.

6) High recovery rate: the highest recovery rate can reach 93-95%. Gasoline 2-5%, diesel fuel 85-90%.

6. Specification of YJ-DY seriesWaste oil recycling machine/diesel production line


7. Parameter of rpyrolysis Diesel Fuelby the Waste oil recycling machine/diesel production line

Itemstandardresultstandard value
Density (15)ASTM D12980.84    kg/l----            kg/l
kinematic viscosity (40)ASTM D4453.36    cst1.6-5.8         cst
Flash pointASTM D9360      ℃≥55            ℃
pour pointASTM D97-19      ℃≤ 0             ℃
boiling rangeASTM D86

10%204      ℃-----            ℃
50%289      ℃≤300           ℃
90%344      ℃≤355           ℃
95%359      ℃≤365           ℃
cetane numberASTM D97654.42≥45
water contentASTM D95Trace     %vol≤Trace     %vol
sulphur contentASTM D12260.151      %wt≤0.2        %wt

8. Packing and shipping of Waste oil recycling machine/diesel production line:

Waste oil recycling machine/diesel production line is packed in strong wooden cases, suitable for long distance ocean or freight transportation as well as changing climate and with good resistance to moisture and shocks.



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